Friday, October 2, 2009

Thank You!

There are many people to thank for the success of the Canine Cancer Caucus in DC this past September. Among them are: well, Hudson, Murphy, and Luke – of course! Our own Ginger Morgan (who should probably be Sainted after all this), Patti and Lydia Best, Diane Ward, Dee Bogetti, Kate Bland, of course Ashley Hughes, DVM and Chand Khanna, DVM, PhD who both presented talks at the gathering, The DC Parks Department and the people who helped plan the route (again and again), sponsors: HALO, Honest Kitchen, and Wagatha's, Costco for providing the water, FOX and ABC who came out and did some great video for us of the event. We’d also like to thank the host families in the area, including: Diane Ward, Theresa Fairbanks, Barbara Arnold, Katie McAuliffe, Lydia and Pat Best, and Caren Smith. Thanks to Caren Smith and Barbare Arnold who also hosted Ginger while she was in the DC area. And thank you to all who traveled near and far to be part of the event! If I have forgotten anyone, it wasn’t intentional. (BTW, if I’ve spelled names wrong, I blame it totally on Ginger. If I got names right, I did it all by myself!) Seriously, a very genuine thank you to ALL who participated and made the event possible.

Also thanks go to Marguerite Marsh for her blog recapping the Canine Cancer Caucus. If you haven’t already surfed over to her blog, please check it out. Thanks too to Jerry’s people at Tripawds for also promoting the Canine Cancer Caucus and our 2010 calendar. If you don’t know about Tripawds, they’re an excellent resource on all things tri-pawed. And extra-special thanks to my own personal friend and blogging buddy Bob the Bloginating Pit Bull Extra-Ordinary, who saturated the Internet with publicity about the Canine Cancer Caucus and the 2010 Calendar. If you haven’t yet read Bob and Daisy’s Blog, please check it out. It’s quite wonderful!

There were many more sites that published information on the Caucus and the Calendar. To list them all here would take up pages. But a Google search will tell the whole story. Thanks to everyone in the blogosphere and cyberspace who helped us!

Thank you to Marguerite Marsh for all the great photos of the event.

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