Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Puppy Up! Goodies

We have some new puppy up! goodies at the puppy up! store, just in time for the holidays. Check out the new puppy up! bandannas (notice the handsome dogs who are modeling), the new sweatshirt and T-shirts (smile for the camera!), and my personal favorite, the puppy up! baseball cap. (It is way cool and perfect for this time of year.) You can also show your support around town with a puppy up! bumper sticker (great for starting conversations and getting the word out) and we have a really nice puppy up! coffee mug as well. Check out all our goodies at our web site. Please note: the calendar and memorial shirt pictured are LAST year’s calendar and Memorial Shirt #4. If you want to order THIS year’s calendar and the upcoming Memorial Shirt #5, the link isn’t up yet. That’s on Luke’s ‘to do’ list.

BTW, please remember the deadline for adding your dog’s (or cat’s) name to Memorial Shirt #5 is October 21st. For more information visit: or email Ginger.

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