Monday, October 12, 2009

Frozen Woofys Get 8 Paws Up from Hudson & Murphy

Luke, Hudson, and Murphy recently had the delicious good fortune to meet Linda Drei, the President of LMD Products, LLC, the company that produces the scrumptious treats, Frozen Woofys. According to Luke, Hudson and Murphy really enjoyed their Barkin Berry treats and highly recommend them. We recently received a great email from Linda and we’d like to share what she had to say.

HI! It was wonderful to finally meet Luke on Saturday. The cause that Luke has taken up is near and dear to my heart. As I told Luke, I am very lucky to not have lost any of my boys to cancer. However, one of the reasons that we started making Frozen Woofys was because of the rise in canine cancer. I really started to pay attention to what was going into dog food after the “scare” in 2007. One day I was at my vet’s office and in conversation with one of the techs, I was shocked to discover that the dog treat industry is hardly regulated, if at all.

My father was diagnosed with cancer in 2005. (I am happy to report that he is a survivor.) With all the research I did on cancer, I really found that what we eat is very important to prevent cancer, as well as helping our bodies to fight and survive cancer. After reading all the ingredients in many dogs treats, with all their preservatives, additives, fat, sugar, junk, etc., I asked my vet that, with the rise of canine cancer, all this junk that goes into dog treats had to have some effect to why so many canines were coming down with Cancer. He could NOT dispute what I said. So we set out to have the best, 100% organic frozen dog treat on the market. Frozen Woofys are all organic, fresh, human grade, high quality ingredients, no preservatives or additives, etc. We are very pleased to say that the veterinarian community is now embracing our product and starting to sell it in their offices. We had full nutritional analysis on both flavors [Banana Rama Ding Dog and Barkin Berry]: very low fat, low calories and no processed or refined sugar. They are extremely healthy for our “Furry friends”. You can go to our website to see the locations where you can purchase our product in the Mid-Atlantic States.

I wish I could have had more time to discuss this very important cause with Luke. I think we could have talked for hours. We both have the same mission — to help educate dog owners on proper nutrition for their pets. Luke and I also agree that we all need to get together to make these large dog food manufacturers become more responsible with what they are putting into dog food and treats. I really am looking forward to a continued relationship with Luke as he continues to make public awareness on these very important topics.

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