Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You Take the Runway, I'll Take the Table

Hudson, Murphy, and Luke were invited to this year’s Skybark, and Hudson and Murphy went in black (and red) tie. (Pictured are Murphy and Hudson with their tiny friend and escort for the evening, The Mighty Twiggy.)

What’s Skybark? Well, Skybark, which took place on Friday, February 12, 2010 at Hotel Pennsylvania, is the kick-off party for The Westminster Kennel Club’s 134th Annual Dog Show. Skybark’s inaugural event was March 25, 2006 in Los Angeles and was so successful that it spread to the east coast. What do they do at Skybark? “Dogs and owners mix it up socially with both old and new friends … sharing the common love of animals.”

This year’s Skybark was held at the Penn Top Ballroom at the Hotel Pennsylvania located at 401 7th Avenue, New York, NY, adjacent to Madison Square Garden. “There was live music by DJ Biden, drinks, dancing, delicious Hors d'oeuvres for both people and pets, and New York’s hottest doggy fashion show by Ada Nieves" (pictured above with the contagious smile).

Still, Skybark 2010 wasn’t all dernier cri and celebrity. This year, Skybark raised money for the North Shore Animal Rescue League. “North Shore Animal League America is the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization, each year saving the lives of approximately 20,000 pets. For 65 years, the Animal League has sustained its mission to rescue, nurture and adopt homeless animals.”

The Boys were all in attendance when Luke was awarded the prestigious Quality of Life Award. The three were to walk the runway together (pictured) to receive their award, but halfway down, Murphy had other plans (too many strobe lights, too much music and noise), and bailed, jumping off the runway and throwing himself into the arms of a total stranger, where he stayed until Luke and Hudson accepted the award and came to get him. Well, that's one way to make new friends.

The Boys were also invited to dinner, but by then Murphy had had enough and spent the rest of the evening hiding out under the table. Fame has definitely not gone to this dog's head. Despite the fact that he was surrounded by food, he just couldn’t wrap his head around all the dogs in haute couture, and stayed under the table, dreaming about a return to the real world of walking and tents and trees and The Honest Kitchen.

Speaking of Honest Kitchen (nice segue, don’t you think?), Murphy did get to meet Lucy Postins, the Honest Kitchen’s founder and president, while everyone was in New York. The Honest Kitchen has filled Murphy’s tummy since the beginning of the walk and it was a pleasure for Luke to express his gratitude in person to Lucy for her unwavering support. Luke called Lucy Murphy’s “Sugar Momma.” (Pictured.) She called Luke a ‘caveman.’ She has met him before!

(Thanks to all who made The Boys' appearance at the Skybark possible. Special thanks to our friend and supporter and volunteer extraordinaire, Pauline Imbro-Allen.)

Thank You, Today Show

Very special thanks again to Jill Rappaport and Meredith Vieira for such a great interview with Luke and The Boys last Friday on the Today Show. If you haven’t already seen the interview, or want to see it again, you can still see it here. While you're there, please leave a message to Jill and thank her for the compelling interview she and Meredith did.

Part of the interview included a nice film collage including footage of Luke and Malcolm playing in the snow, interspersed with Jill's interview with Luke as they walked through Central Park. Pictured here are Luke, Hudson, and Murphy as they stop for a minute in Central Park.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Monkeys in "Snowmageddon"

In Washington, the federal government was closed for a fourth straight day. The nation’s capital joined Philadelphia and Baltimore in logging their snowiest winters in history. Paul Kocin, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Washington, said the storm was among the most disruptive ever because of its timing. Approximately 50 million people were affected.

“The big difference is that it occurred within a week and a half of three other storms,’’ Kocin said. “The combination of storms is almost unprecedented - the amount of snow, the amount of impact.’’

The latest storm dumped more than 19 inches in Baltimore, 10 inches in Washington, D.C., and 16 inches in Philadelphia. About 20 inches fell in central New Jersey, and totals ranged from 10 to 16 inches around New York City.

As for Hudson and Murphy? Well, they couldn’t have cared less! Along with Luke, they were guests of Andy and Dawn Donelson who live in Maryland. And while most of the country was digging out from blizzard conditions these past few weeks, The Fuzzybutts were obviously having the time of their lives. After all, that's what those big, furry, white coats are for.

Murphy only stopped for a while when Hudson told him that a snowflake consists of roughly 10 to the 18th water molecules. Murphy absolutely hates water and was temporarily dumbstruck when he realized he was chest-deep in the stuff. But after going back indoors for a while and looking out the window and seeing how much fun Hudsy and Papi were having, he decided to return and brave the elements.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Night Before TODAY

Getting a beauty rest before a national television appearance is a must.

OK, by now you must know that Luke, Hudson, and Murphy will be on The Today Show, Friday, February 5, 2010. Right now they’re camped down the street from the studios in The Muse Hotel, only a few blocks away, and will be walking, accompanied by ‘Mommy Ginger’ to the studio in the morning. Ginger said she flew in from Memphis just to make sure everyone got to the studio on time, but I think she secretly wants to meet Matt and Meredith. Everyone’s to be there by 7AM EST. When I spoke to Ginger tonight, she’d just finished brushing Murphy and the Concierge had dropped off 2 dog bowls and 2 (way too small) beds for The Boys in Luke’s room. (Yeah, like Hudsy and Murph are going to sleep on the floor. HA! This ain't no tent, ya know.)

In the meantime, Luke was busy polishing up the web site with new information about Boston, an expanded list of sponsors, and a link to the next phase of 2Dogs2000Miles. (You’ll just have to visit the web page to find out!)

Everyone’s excited and Luke’s Facebook page is loaded with messages wishing The Boys a great time. We hope you have your TiVOs and VCRs set! We wish them, “break a leg” and know they’ll soon win the hearts of thousands more.

In the photo to the right, Hudson is meeting the Muse's Concierge, Candy. Always the Lady's Man.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The "TODAY Show" Welcomes Luke, Hudson, and Murphy

Set your TiVo, pop in a video, get the DVR ready! On Friday, February 5th, Luke, Hudson, and Murphy will be appearing, in the flesh and fur, right there on your TV on the “Today Show”!

Two weeks ago Jill Rappaport, TODAY Entertainment Correspondent, did a taped interview with Luke and The Boys. You may remember Jill from her wonderful story about her dog Jack who also had bone cancer. I’m not sure how much of the taped interview will be used but Luke reports that he and The Boys will be appearing live on the show, this coming Friday! Stay tuned and watch Luke talk about some of their adventures and announce what’s coming next for the Dynamic Trio.

Check your local listings for channel and time and don’t miss The Boys! What a fantastic way to start the last leg of their journey to Boston -- and what lies ahead.

Bravo, Boys! Puppy Up!

We’ll be watching.