Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Of Flying Elephants, Mystical Beasties, Balloon Boy, and Trail Magic

So today The Boys are walking walking walking on the WB&A Trail. A beautiful day. Sunny. Not too cool.

And then Luke texts: And the walk comes grinding to a halt. The trail drops off about 20' into a river the width of a football field. There’s a collapsed bridge but pretty treacherous...
Just discovered that is the Patuxent River and impassable. What a pickle we're in. Now why aren’t I travelin’ with flying elephants or that thing in Neverending story?

Whoever made the MD bicycle map needs a firing. It indicates nothing about the WB&A trail falling off into a river nor were there any signs on the trail.


Fortunately we didn't need Balloon Boy or flyin' elephants to cross the river today because we have trail magic. I studied my gps to find where we could cross the Patuxent River. Nearest bridge is a day’s walk and didn’t know if it was safe for us - so many here aren’t. Then John and Pauley and Rusty walk by and offer us a ride across.

PS: There are 2 things you've got to know about this story: 1. Since on the WB&A Trail we had seen only a few people and 2. John & Pauley lost a lab to cancer. What are the odds? Trail magic.

Pictured is John, who gave them a ride across the river. Thanks, John!

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