Saturday, October 31, 2009

In Honor of Malcolm's Birthday

Today, October 31, Luke’s beloved Malcolm would have been 11 years old. As you all know, the love shared between Luke and Malcolm, Luke’s first Great Pyrenees, and his passing due to cancer was the inspiration for the beginning of 2Dogs2000Miles and the walk that has already taken Luke, Hudson, and Murphy over 1500 miles and through 11 states.

Malcolm was a beautiful boy – you merely have to look at his picture to realize that. Luke said, “He had a generous nature and always shared his happy disposition with everyone he met.”

As you may also know, we’re getting ready to print Memorial Shirt #5. This is the shirt Luke wears as he walks across the country, imprinted with the names of the dogs who have passed from cancer and who all walk with them in spirit: “Malcolm was my inspiration behind the walk but what keeps me going when the day grows long and the terrain proves tough is all of the angels walking with us.”

In honor of Malcolm’s memory we are waiving the usual minimum donation this weekend and inviting anyone who has lost a dog to cancer to write us and we’ll include their dog’s name on Memorial Shirt 5.

If you’d like us to include the name of a dog you have lost to cancer, please email me directly with the first and last name of your dog(s) and your name as well. Dogs’ names are printed with first name and last initial, e.g.: Linga T.

Send your information to:, and put in the subject heading “Memorial Shirt 5.” I will send you a confirmation email that I have received your information. Should you NOT receive a confirmation email before midnight, November 1, please try again.

There are already over 100 dogs on Memorial Shirt 4. We hope you’ll add your dog’s name to shirt 5 so that he or she may join the walk with Luke, Hudson, and Murphy.

Deadline is November 1, at 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

By the way, ALL the dogs who were in both last year’s and this year’s calendar contests, who have already passed, will also automatically be included on the newest shirt.

Happy Birthday, Malcolm! Thank you for inspiring such greatness and generosity in so many people and their beautiful dogs.

puppy up!

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