Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bath Day!

(On the way to the self-serve dog wash, Hudson ponders "The smell of possibilities." He knows there's a bath in his future and he's not exactly thrilled about the idea.)

Today Hudson and Murphy got baths (and were none too happy about it). Actually, think they’re a little confused about the whole thing, and rightfully so. After all, their Papi is the one going to the Celebrity Chef event – Hudson and Murphy weren’t even invited. So I think they’re both wondering why THEY have to get baths. (Especially after what one of the little kids asked Luke on Tuesday.) If they weren’t on the guest list, what’s the point of taking a bath? They’re even tweeting about it. (I hope the Twitter Thingie doesn’t fall into the tub with them): Hudson sent this: help me Papi sez hes givin me a scrubbin. don't want scribbin. Will Ellen know me if I smell good? And Murphy said this a few hours ago: Why do r papis want to give us a bath just when we start to smell good? Murph the Smart 1. Good question, Murphy!

Of course, there’s the guy who Luke tweeted about yesterday: In Cincy a guy said 'I saw u on TV & your dogs r good looking. You’re not'. My reply 'Yeah? That's why I brought them with me.'

All done!

Thanks to Mutts & Co. in Dublin, Ohio, and especially to Kariena & Deborah. And to Signe for toweling down Hudson.

Gosh, everybody looks so squeaky clean.

Today in Photos - April 29, 2009

Hudson relaxing in the dandelions. Funny .... he doesn't LOOK like he needs a bath.

It's been so breathtaking these past 3 weeks- it's as if we've been chasing spring.


Luke entitled this Murphyhead "ROUS."

The other night while they were camping out in their tent, Luke spotted a light of unknown origin in the distance. The strange light was moving erratically and he couldn't tell if it was 50 yards away of half a mile away. He doused the lights and waited. "Sleeping on the road is always exciting. I see a light moving in the distance. Is it a person coming towards us? ... Sleep exposed & out in the open isn't restful. I wake up every hour. Usually the worst is when in area's notorious for meth labs. ..." Later he tweeted, "Phew, no zombie attacks last nite."

Apparently it's a good thing Luke has his own ROUS to protect them!

Maybe he needs one of these.

Today in Photos -- April 28. 2009

Tuesday, after they made it to Lancaster, Ohio, Hudson and Murphy got to visit with some elementary school children. They took Luke with them. While the Boys were feelin' the love (pictured is Murphy getting some heavy petting), Luke told the school kids (they ranged from 2nd to 5th graders) a little about their walk. After he spoke he took questions. Here's a sampling:

"Do your dogs know any tricks?" (He told them about Hudson liking to dance and wanting to meet Ellen.)
"Do you ever take a bath?"
"Did you ever have a home?"

Tough crowd! Mostly they were interested in petting the puppies.

Later in the evening he met with a group of 4H'ers and the questions were a little less caustic and more thoughtful. Luke told them how he'd learned to use his posture and voice to scare off potentially aggressive dogs. One kid in particular asked him how many hiking boots he'd already gone through (4 pairs of Vasque Boots so far) and if his feet had changed in size. This was a leading question -- apparently the boy had had a friend who had hiked The Appalachian Trail, so he already knew about the phenomenon of feet often getting larger after an extensive hike carrying a heavy backpack. Sure enough, Luke told him his feet had in fact grown a half size bigger. When he started the walk he wore a size 11.5 boot; now he wears a 12. He also told them this was his 4th tent, he'd already gone through three rubber tips on his walking stick, and he was working on his third cell phone. Unlike many adult audiences, however, none of the kids were interested in how he managed to charge his phone while on the road.

After speaking with the 4H'ers, he was invited to enjoy dinner with Mary, who had come from the local police department to meet and talk with him. Luke said they went to a great local restaurant where he sampled a variety of Mediterranean goodies.

While he was in the area, he and The Boys had the opportunity to see some of the typical barns in the area, and they also got to walk by General Sherman's house, which has been turned into a museum. General William Sherman, notable Civil War military leader, was born in Lancaster, as was his brother, John Sherman, who later became a US Senator and was responsible for the Sherman Anti-trust Act. Their house, originally a frame house built in 1811, features the Sherman family as well as plenty of Civil War memorabilia. Interestingly, "... during the American Civil War, the State of Ohio played a key role in providing troops, military officers, and supplies to the Union army. Due to its central location in the Northern United States and burgeoning population, Ohio was both politically and logistically important to the war effort. The state raised nearly 320,000 soldiers for the Union army, third behind only New York and Pennsylvania in total manpower contributed to the military (and the state was the 3rd most populous at the time). Several leading generals hailed from Ohio, including Ulysses S. Grant, William T. Sherman, and Philip H. Sheridan. Five Ohio-born Civil War officers would later serve as the President of the United States." However, while "the state was spared many of the horrors of war as only two minor battles were fought within its borders ... nearly 7,000 Buckeye soldiers were killed in action." (If you're interested in Ohio's role in the Civil War, start here.)

He enjoyed walking through the town square park where there was a Veteran's Memorial. He also said the municipal building and a number of the other buildings in the area were beautiful, some of them in the Georgian style while others were in the Craftsman Style. The city of Lancaster has three National Historic Districts and a rich architectural history.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Today in Photos -- April 27, 2009

Monday The Boys were back walking, starting out west of Lancaster Ohio, and they’ll be on the road, Highway 22, (barring bad weather) thru Thursday, walking through West Rushville, Somerset and on to this week’s goal, Fultonham. It’s Highway 22 all the way to Pittsburgh.

Shortly after they pitched camp, Luke caught Hudson pretending to be asleep but actually trying to steal the twitter thingie.

Chat With Luke on Tripawds

Sunday May 3rd – Chat on Tripawds – 7 PM EDT/2300 GMT.

Thanks to Jim and Rene for hosting the upcoming chat with Luke on their site at: . All you need to do to join the conversation is set up a user name and password -- instructions are on-site and easy to follow -- and you’ll be all set to enjoy some time with The Big Dog.

After the less than satisfactory attempt to meet folks on Twitter (can you say OVERLOAD?) we’re taking our chats to Tripawds. Ask questions, send encouragement, discuss life on the road with two big dogs and even bigger trucks, cars, 18-wheelers, Hummers, bottle-throwers, roaming dog packs, men in tights, incoming Wagatha’s treats, rifle ranges, recluse spiders, dances with Ellen, and a host of other topics. Also discuss the serious issues of K9Cancer, your K9 companions, how the walk is progressing, and our plans for the future. We hope you’ll join us!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Celebrity Chef -- A Delicious Evening Ahead

Thursday, April 30th from 6 to 8:30 PM EDT at Huntington Park in Columbus, Ohio, Luke has been invited to enjoy an evening of favorite foods prepared by some of Columbus' finest chefs and local celebrities -- all to benefit the animals at the Capital Area Humane Society . He’ll be enjoying an evening sampling the delicious food and helping to raise funds to benefit the animals at the Capital Area Humane Society, where he was the other day walking dogs -- while Hudson and Murphy were entertaining the staff.

For further information on the upcoming event please contact Cheri Miller at (614) 777-7387 ext. 233 or email her at: Ticket prices are: $45 general public; $35 members; $50 at the door.

The event will take place at 330 Huntington Park Lane, Columbus, OH 43215 -- new home of the Columbus Clippers! You can purchase tickets on-line.

A Cat Named Luke

This blog started out as a series of email exchanges between our friend Lea Jacobs in Columbus and me. But she writes with such humor and animation I asked her if I could turn her emails into a blog. It’s been on the shelf for a time now (she met Luke and The Boys when they were at the Meet and Greet in Mount Vernon, Ohio), but it’s still a funny piece. and the story still continues. We hope you enjoy it! Here’s Lea’s story of "A Cat Named Luke."

Part I

So I arrived home today a little late from the Wolf Run Bark Park Meet and Greet, and with a new addition (which is the story). Today I went up to Mount Vernon to meet Luke. Who in the world walks from Austin to Boston, I wanted to know? Really, who would do that and why... and actually stick to it? You see, I tripped upon the 2dogs200miles site just shortly after he left and I have been tracing his progress since. To be honest, I was looking for him to disappear — quit. I was amazed every time he made it another leg of the journey.

OK, enough of the lead in. So today I went up to Mount Vernon to finally meet this person. I brought my Corgis, The Girls, and promised them a walk. It had been a long week at work. After sitting, visiting with and listening to Luke, meeting (being slobbered and leaned on by) Hudson and briefly meeting the ADD Murphy, I followed through on my promise. Off we went. How does the overlook trail sound, I asked them? 12 mile views. So off we go. We are about a mile in when we meet a family walking out with their Bernese mountain dog. They stop, say hi and then give a disclaimer about the cat that is following them ... it is not theirs, they say. They think it was dumped.

The cat. Now my disclaimer — I am not a cat person. I have one that moved in about 3 years ago but that is another story. Suffice to say her name is Cat. Yes, she is well fed, loved by Libby, one of my Pembroke Welsh Corgis, and cared for. I do like her but I am still not a cat person. Anyhow, I stray. It seems some days I must give off ‘the vibe.’ Hudson decided I was OK. Dang it, so did this cat. It started following me instead. (Can you say sucker?) And it wasn't OK. Weak, meowing, panting. Sheesh! As much as I didn’t want to, I had to do something. So, while I was able to get pretty close to it — in fact it was just inches from me being able to pick it up — I had Libby (who loves cats) and Addy (who more importantly doesn't), so the cat stayed just out of reach.

Cat Divine Intervention... a young couple comes walking by. Yes, they answer me. They will try to pick it up and then hand it to me, and if they succeed I can take it out. They succeed (figures). Again, dang it. Now, with Addy and Libby on leash in my left hand and the cat in my right hand we walk out about a mile. No, it doesn’t struggle or even try to get down. So, I am now finally home. It is in a dog kennel in the garage until I can get it in to the vet. It is fed and watered and sound asleep.

But let me tell you just one more thing. On the drive home (after stopping the second time to clean up the vomit in the cat’s crate), I think to myself — if it is a male cat I am naming him Luke. Well, turns out it’s a female — I am still naming her Luke. So, when you speak to Luke thank him for me. Actually if you could inflect a bit of sarcasm I would appreciate it ! The storms are rolling in tonight so perhaps it was divine intervention for this cat that I went to Mount Vernon today.

Part II

I am still shaking my head.

Luke is much better this morning. Finally peed. (Sorry, I'm a nurse and I base everything on I's & O's (Ins and Outs)). She slept well (thought she would howl) and is actually very content being a kennel cat... but that is the worrying part. What cat do you know who will sit quietly in a kennel? Still, she looks much better so will get her in to the vet this afternoon. One more thing. If you could also mention that she is available for adoption if anyone is interested that would be great. While I will keep her (and shhhhh, love her) if no other home comes along, I really am not looking to.

The way she followed the people with the Bernese mountain dog and then me and mine, I actually think BL (Big Luke) should seriously consider putting some packs on LL (little Luke) and continuing on...

Just a thought.

Part III

Luke is fine. She is a gray/cream tortoise-shell color — notoriously (per the vet but I am not certain whether she was just trying to sell me on her) very sweet. It is amazing what a little food, water, warmth, love and sleep will do. She was a totally different kitten when I arrived home from work. JoAnn (my vet who I love and adore even more so after this visit) gave her a clean bill of health. Shots, wormed, and de-flead ... yes, Luke had fleas. Damn, nothing I hate worse, so everything is in the washer here. Luke is staying the night at the vet’s and getting spayed in the morning. She is about 5-6 months old, thus due in season any time. Cats in season are definitely not my thing. So, back to why I love my vet... all this is on the house. They have funding to pay for indigent care (I am just cracking myself up here). So, not a penny out of pocket. Well, it is not like they don’t make a bundle off me and my dogs .

Fingers crossed for Luke’s surgery tomorrow! She ought to be ready for her backpacks in a few weeks!

Part IV

Here’s the latest from Lea (as of April 26) on the saga of Luke the Cat …

You know, I started off the year saying I was going to downsize my life... not take on projects, extra stuff... Just coast for a while. Yeah, right. Freaking Sunday morning and I am up at quarter to five for a dog show. Work all week. Trying to help with the Bark for Life... plus get supporters and walkers... got tied up now with you crazy people ...

Oh, guess you asked about Luke, not all that other stuff . Fingers (and everything else) crossed she goes in for her second set of shots tomorrow evening and from there goes to her new home. I swear, as I write this, Cat Cat (my cat — yes, that is her name. Did I mention I am NOT a cat person?) is howling and hissing... and Luke is having a blast playing with this mad, snarling, hissing cat. Go figure. (I know I just mentioned I am not a cat person but let me add that all my friends are totally amazed this kitten got a name — even if it is Luke!)

But back to (cat) Luke. If she doesn't leave on Monday, (human) Luke best be checking his back packs.

Do they make backpacks for cats? I’ll have Ginger check.

2 Dogs, 1 Man, 1 Cat, 2000 Miles. Doesn’t have the same ring but it certainly would sell tickets!


Final visit to the vets with Luke. Waiting in the waiting room and visiting with the vet techs. They are telling about the new family and how excited they are. I am thanking God that it is all coming together.

In the door walks Nicholas (age 5) and his mom Leslie. Nicholas walks right up and says hi. Wonderful people. I liked them immediately. BUT, more importantly so did Luke. Luke is now becoming Gigit. She may have an identity crisis but I am certain her new family will get her through it!

Interesting full circle though. Remember I told you all Luke's (now Gigit's) care was covered financially? Well, it was covered by a special fund set up at my vets by an anonomous donor.

This fund was started with a donation from an anonymous woman. She set up the fund in memory of her dog who died from cancer. This fund was set up to help animals in need. I believe one of the driving forces was to provide care for animals especially in a situation where there is a single owner. As a single owner herself, she was concerned that there be a fund that would provide care for her animals should something happen to her.

The first person this fund helped was a woman very ill with cancer. Prior to her passing her neighbors brought in her dog. Secondary to her illness, this dog had been a bit neglected. He needed surgery. This fund helped then, and helped again when the owner passed.

Over the years this fund has helped Gigit and several others. So, I will send out a huge Thank You note to this person and invite her to walk and meet Luke on Saturday. I hope she can come. I would like to meet her too.

Life here is back to normal and Cat-Cat is much happier.

Me, I am exhausted. -- L.

Many thanks to Lea Jacobs for the great story. And thanks to Gigit's new family for the happy ending.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today in Photos - April 22, 2009

Here’s a fantastic shot of the incoming storm Luke took just before they pitched their tent. It was about 2 in the afternoon, but Luke didn’t want to take any chances with the storm bearing down on them, so made camp, thinking the storm would last the better part of the day. Naturally, about an hour later the storm cleared. Thinking he could get back on the road and get a few more miles in, since it was still early, he started breaking camp. Sure enough, just as he was taking down the tent, up came another storm. Back up goes the tent, and inside they all scramble. Unfortunately, Luke had pitched the tent near a firing range, but imagining no one in their right mind would be out on a firing range on a stormy day, he wasn’t concerned. Now, when I say near, I do not mean they were on top of the firing range, but they were within hearing distance.

Eventually the storm finally passed. And when the sun came out in the late afternoon, so did the guys with the guns. This started around 7PM. Boom Boom Boom! Boombooomboomboomboom! Both Murphy and Hudson were freaking out, with Hudson trying to get out of the tent. (Anyone who has a dog who is afraid of thunderstorms and fireworks will appreciate what it must have been like with two big dogs, one tiny tent, soggy weather with rain seeping into to the floor of the tent, and Luke trying to keep the peace with The Riflemen playing shoot ‘em up in the background.) But, Luke soon settled them both down with some snuggling, and after a while Hudson and Murphy were fast asleep.

From Twitter: We'll be on road next 2 days str8. Goal is Lancaster, OH. Got tent up just in time. Still we're all a tad soggy. Wet dogs, 30mph winds, rain storms –that’s how we celebrate earth day. In my haste to get out of rain I pitched tent near a firing range. Huds is shaking so bad. Poor lil fellr. Should I a) give him sleepy cheese b) tell him to puppy up & act like a road warrior or c) give him snuggle snuggles?

I chose c) and he was fast asleep.

(By the way, the MurphyHead pictured above? That's a Wagatha's biscuit heading mid-air for Murphy's waiting mouth. Luke said he had to try over a dozen times before he got the shot just right. I don't think he heard any complaints from Murphy as cookies rained from the skies!)

Bark for Life

On Saturday, May 2, 2009 you are cordially invited to an American Cancer Society "Bark for Life" walk.

This event starts at 10:00 AM at the Sunbury Town Square, downtown Sunbury, Ohio.

The Bark for Life is a fund-raising event that will benefit the American Cancer Society and that will honor the care-giving qualities of our canine "Best Friends."

The ACS Canine Bark for Life honors the life-long contribution of our Canine Caregivers. It presents an opportunity for people to be empowered through their canine companion partnerships and to contribute to cancer cures through the mission of the American Cancer Society. Canine Caregivers are Canine Companions, Guide Dogs, Service Dogs, Rescue Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Police Dogs, Cancer Survivor Dogs, Diagnostic Dogs, and family dogs, who, with their owners, are joining the American Cancer Society as relay teams and participants to celebrate cancer survivorship, to honor people lost to cancer, to raise funds in support of cancer research, education, awareness, patient services, and advocacy, and to help eliminate the suffering that cancer causes worldwide.

Bark for Life Event Schedule & Activities (subject to change without notice):

10:00 – 11:00 AM Community Registration and Pre-Registration Check-In
11:00 AM Opening Ceremony and Blessing of the Dogs
11:15 AM Dog Walk Begins
11:30 AM Free Style "Dancing Dogs" Demonstration
Meet Genoa’s Firehouse Mascot "Blaze" the Dalmatian
Meet Luke, Hudson and Murphy, walking from Austin to Boston raising awareness about canine cancer.
Bubbles and Bows Groomer will be on hand for free nail trimming
Team Fundraisers, Raffles, vendors, Live DJ, food and much, much more!
11:00-4:00 RFL Community Yard Sale/Flea Market and Family Fun Fest!

To participate in the "Bark for Life" walk:
A $25.00 Registration can be paid the day of the event. Please make checks payable to the American Cancer Society.

Even if you cannot attend please consider donating. All donations are tax deductible.

For more information please visit their web site or contact Lea Jacobs at:

ACS Canine Bark for Life Participation Guidelines:

ACS Canines Bark for Life of Sunbury will include registered canine teams and canines from the community registered on the day of the Canine Bark for Life of Sunbury.
• The ACS Canine Bark for Life will be a 1 mile walk
• Water will be available on the walk and following the walk for canine participants
• Doggie clean up bags will be provided
• A veterinarian will be available at the site
• Site clean up will be the responsibility of the Canine Bark for Life volunteers
• All proceeds of the Canine Bark for Life are included in the ACS Relay for Life fundraising total.

There are 5 ways to be involved with the 2009 ACS Canine Bark for Life of Sunbury:

1. Create a canine team
2. Join a canine team
3. Participate through a people-team without joining a canine team
4. Sponsorships
5. Community Canine Bark For Life registration on the day of the walk at Sunbury Town Square

Look for the Relay for Life video on YouTube.

There's also a great article in the Sunbury News. And another on-line article here.

Registration and Q&A forms are available on their site.

The 10th Annual Bowling Green-Warren County HS 5K

The 10th Annual Bowling Green-Warren County Humane Society 5K fund-raising walk is coming up Saturday, May 9th at the Bowling Green-Warren County Airport. Registration begins at 8:30 AM and the walk begins at 10 AM. You can walk with friends and family or walk one of the shelter dogs! There will be 5 Grand Prizes, 25 “door” prizes, T-Shirts, and refreshments. Luke and The Boys are planning to be there. (I think Murphy insisted when he heard there would be “refreshments.”)

BGWCHS has a great 30 second spot on their site or you can watch it on YouTube at: .

For further information please contact their Director, Lorri at BGWCHS is located at: 1924 Louisville Road; P. O. Box 1456 (mailing address); Bowling Green, KY 42102; Phone: 270-783-9404; FAX: 270-842-8687.

Hope to see you there!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Today in Photos -- Holy Mop Sticks, Dogman!

We'd stopped for lunch at Gibby's pub. I had a fried pickles and cod sandwich. Interesting day on the road. [Ed. note: No surprise there -- not after the fried pickle and cod sandwich.]

The sun seems to bring out all sorts. A carload of Jehovah's Witness stopped to talk theology. Then we met a 300 pound biker w/tats who lost his shitzu to cancer. I gave him our cause bracelet.

To top off the day we took a siesta at the fairgrounds and awoke to a bunch of guys with garbage pails on their heads dueling with mop sticks.. Yep, you guessed it; an SCA day in the park. SCA - the original nerds back before the days of Dungeons and Dragons. Almost laughed when I saw them but I'd hate the headline ... "Man crossing country for canine cancer pummeled by men in tights."

(from photos on the road, Ohio, April 18, 2009)

Today in Photos -- April 17, 2009

A Weeping Cherry tree?

A matching pair of stars. And do you see some dressed up cement geese on the front porch? (An Ohio thing.)

The "Yuck Factor." First tick of the year. No, that's not Murphy's leg ... it's Luke's arm. Honest mistake -- they're both pretty hairy.

Friday, April 17, 2009

2 Dogs Twitter Night

This Sunday, April 19th starting at 9 PM EDT/8 PM CDT/7 PM MDT/6PDT/0100GMT.

Luke, Hudson, and Murphy will be tweeting and hope you will join them. You can tweet Luke at: and Hudson and Murphy at: (Ask Hudson about his dancing!)

You have to log in to post comments on Twitter, but instructions are on site and easy. See you there!

Puppy Up!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Today in Photos -- April 15, 2009

Here's a shot Luke took today of a lone stretch of open road in Ohio, on the way from New Holland to Williamsport. The good news is there was lots of room on the shoulder for The Boys to walk on this stretch of highway -- quite a nice change from some of the roads they have walked where there was no shoulder to speak of and the traffic was much too close for comfort.

Their goal today, Williamsport, is a small town of about 1000 people.

Here's a great shot Luke took today of some friends he met on the road. He writes, "Met some Alpacas on the road today. We met these beauties just west of Willaimsport OH. So Inquisitive and friendly and soft looking. Man, I just wanted to run my hands thru their wool.

We finished the last 4 miles in an hour and made our goal. Not much motivates you more than getting caught in the rain ... Ah, the lovely bouquet of wet dog ..."

Looks like The Boys will be having better weather for the rest of the week. Not as gray and cloudy as the photo above. Weather is predicted to be in the low 60s and sunny for Thursday, and into the weekend the weather is supposed to be fair with lots of sun and a comfortable 71 degrees.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Important Video From Our Friends At The Bowling Green -- Warren County Humane Society

If you'll recall, some time ago Luke volunteered with the Bowling Green-Warren County Humane Society. These people do amazing work rescuing and transporting dogs and cats to new forever homes. Deana Wehr, Rescue/Transport Manager has posted several videos of the work they do and is appealing to the animal community (that's us!) to help them raise funds for their new transport. Deana writes on Facebook: Many of you know our shelter works heavily with rescues and if we didn't, our euthanasia rate would be 80%. …It is literally LIFE or DEATH.

Please go to our website and watch the video put together by Insight Communications in Bowling Green. The video speaks for itself! There is a chip-in for donations (next to the video) and at the end of the video itself are 3 other ways to donate to this cause. Donating to this cause will save thousands of animals. NO donation is too small. If you can donate $5 that money will help us reach our goal. HELP US HELP THOSE WHO CAN NOT HELP THEMSELVES.

Lorri C. Hare, Director of the BGWC Humane Society reiterates: We have been working so hard to increase our rescue/transport capability, and we are one step closer. PLEASE take a few minutes and visit our Petfinder homepage. EVERY person who looks at this video can help us save thousands of lives each year! At the top of the page, you will be able to view a video that Insight was so kind to produce for us. PLEASE watch and help us! Also, PLEASE forward to anyone that you know who loves animals. This is a dream come true for us, but it isn't possible without people like you! If you are interested in being a major sponsor for this and having 'naming rights'.....please let us know Thank you for helping us save lives, one at a time!

These folks work tirelessly to find homes for animals in their care and they have an excellent track record. But, as you can imagine, it takes more than hard work – it takes money. But, like Deana says, even 5 or 10 dollars will help them, because every contribution adds up. We know times are tight all around, but if you can spare them some cash, we know it will go for a worthy cause. The Bowling Green -Warren County Humane Society is located at: 1925 Louisville Road, Bowling Green, KY 42102. PO Box 1456 Phone: 270-842-8572. Thanks for any help you can offer, and please feel free to cross-post widely!

Please view the video and help if you can. Even the smallest donation will help this terrific shelter do the amazing work they do. For more information, contact:

Lorri C. Hare, Director
BGWC Humane Society
PO Box 1456
Bowling Green, KY 42102

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Extended Interview on YouTube

There's a great interview Luke and Ginger did with Karla Haas of Rudy Green's posted on YouTube. Here are the links to Part 1: and Part 2: . And here's another cool link of Karla doing "The Rudy Rap": . The full interview is about 17 minutes. Enjoy!

Friday's Adventure

As you all know, whenever Luke has the opportunity, he volunteers at shelters in areas he and The Boys are visiting. Well, Friday, April 11, Luke volunteered at the Capital Area Humane Society in Ohio. Luke got to walk a number of the wonderful dogs there. From Twitter Luke Tweets that he walked: Andy, Rosa, Daisy May, & Aurora — beauties & up for adoption. Today I got the cool opportunity to walk a very handsome brindle boxer named Sergeant Major. He's also blind. Very sweet boy… awesome!

And where were Hudson and Murphy all this time? They were schmoozing with the office staff, of course. Luke does all the hard work and Hudson and Murphy get all the attention. I think it's a clause in their contract.

Hudson and Murphy Now On Twitter!

Well, this should come as no surprise. It was only a matter of time. Hudson and Murphy now have their own Twitter page. Well, Hudson does all of the tweeting so far. I really think this is all way beneath the Dignified Murphy. Or, Hudson simply won't let Murphy have a go at it.

Here's the inside scoop from Hudson: Dere Dairy; when papi si sleep at nite I'll git his tweeter thingy an tell u what really really happend durin the day! Evryday!! Luvs U Huds. Oh, and get this. Now Hudson is thinking about blogging. (I'd better not quit my day job. Wait – I don't have a day job.) Anyway, Bloggin' Bob (THE Bloggin' Bob of Everything and the Dog) has now got Hudson all worked up about writing a blog. Bob recently tweeted to Hudson about how he writes a blog and that Hudson should write one too. Hudson's reply? Do you really mean I can Blog? Yippeeee U will have to tell me what a blog is...but I'll do it. I really will. Luvs U Huds.

Well, there you go. Who needs opposable thumbs? Anyone who thinks dogs don't run the world is not paying attention.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

You’re Feeding Your Pet What?

Our friends Patti, Lydia, and Bob at Everything & The Dog, LLC, along with Leesburg Dogs (Friends of the new Leesburg Dog Park), and Nordic Naturals are hosting a very special event April 24th, beginning at 6:30 PM EDT at the Ida Lee Community Center.

Guest speaker will be Tracie Hotchner, who will be speaking about the importance of animal nutrition. The title of her presentation will be “You’re feeding your pet what?” and it promises to be an informative, lively presentation, and an exciting evening.

As many of you know, Tracie Hotchner, the author of both The Dog Bible: Everything Your Dog Wants You To Know and The Cat Bible: Everything Your Cat Expects You To Know, is also the host and producer of two live weekly national radio shows – DOG TALK® on NPR station WLIU out of Southampton, New York and CAT CHAT® on the Martha Stewart Channel of Sirius XM satellite radio. As Patti Best says, “Tracie has a devoted following because she entertains while admonishing people to make wise, independent decisions for their pets’ well-being.”

Tracie has appeared on Oprah, The Today Show, and The Martha Stewart TV show, and has spoken at the Pet Sitters International Annual Convention and Camp Gone to the Dogs, Glen Highland Farm Border Collie Rescue Summer Camp and Camp Unleashed. Recently Tracie has also begun a national tour of veterinary colleges beginning with Tufts University in Boston, Virginia Tech Veterinary School in Blacksburg, Virginia, and UC Davis Veterinary School in Northern California.

Along with guest speaker Tracie Hotchner, we hear from our friend Bob, the Fantastically Amazing Blogging Pit Bull, that there will be awesome gift bags for the first 100 guests, with all sorts of goodies in them, including: a Nordic Naturals full sized bottle of Omega-3, Wagatha’s Biscuits, Halo samples, Honest Kitchen samples, Weruva dog and cat food, X-O Odor Neutralizer, Platinum Performance Feline and Canine. There will also be gift certificates from local places, including Bev Hollis Photo and a couple of local groomers. As you can imagine, Bob is beside himself lately because all of these goodies are coming in to Everything And The Dog and no one has offered HIM a gift bag. But we’re working on that!

During the evening’s event there will also be a wonderful raffle and items so far include a Knitamil from artist DanaMarie Hosler, a Ruffwear x-large K-9 float coat, Bottoms Up lift leash – to help large dogs with hind end issues to walk, get into cars, etc , Bags on Board that attach to a leash with refills for pick up, a big fanny pack for a dog walker from Pet Habitats, with flushable poop bags and compartments for other stuff, Four Paws deluxe large support harness, which can be used with a leash and also with a seat belt, hot pink Packabowl flexible bowl , a large orange Kong Wubba floatable ball with tail, a Premier pet large treat/kibble dispenser, and a Cranberry Patent Leather Sherpa Bag.

WOW! I bet Hudson and Murphy are trying to figure out how fast they can drag their Papi across hill and over dale to get there in time!

Patti says they also already have 12 vendors lined up who will have tables with lots of cool displays and goodies for sale.

Ticket price is only $15 per person and includes a dessert buffet at the reception and prize raffle.

The whole evening sounds like a terrific event. Things start happening at 6:30 PM, and Tracie is scheduled to speak at 7. After her presentation, guests will enjoy the dessert buffet with refreshments, check out vendor tables, visit with Tracie, and participate in the raffle.

All proceeds from this event will go to Leesburg Dogs to improve and support Leesburg’s new Dog Park at Olde Izaac Walton Park, Leesburg, Virginia.

To reserve your place at this very special event, please send your check for $15.00 per person (and please include names of attendees) to: Everything & The Dog, 39202 Mt. Gilead Road, Leesburg, Virginia, 20175.

For questions & more information please e-mail Lydia at:

Directions to Ida Lee Park can be found at .

We hope those of you in the area will support Leesburg Dogs. Have a great time at the event, send pictures, and puppy up!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Trail Magic"

When I first saw Luke, I didn't know what I was seeing!

I was driving around a curve just past our farm. I could make out something white in the driveway of an old farm house next to our farm lane. Now, I didn't have my glasses on, so that added to the confusion. As I got closer, I wondered if I was looking at sheep, or maybe even a llama lying down. Then I could see it was 2 Great Pyrenees dogs and a man's legs, as Luke was lying down. I saw the backpacks, so I knew they were travelers. I was in a rush to get to Louisville for an appointment, so I didn't have time to stop to chat. My girlfriend, Paula Stoner, called me the next morning to ask if I had seen them and to say they were just down the road from there. Well, then I knew they had spent the cold night very near where I had spotted them. I felt bad that I hadn't offered them a place to stay. Later that morning, Paula called again and said they were at the BP in Hanover and she was going to stop to find out what they were about. She met Luke and the boys. She called me again to come meet them. I fell in love with Murphy and Hudson immediately. They are soooo sweet. We found out about Luke's cause, 2Dogs2000Miles, and that he was walking from Austin to Boston in memory of his dog, Malcolm, who died of canine cancer.....

I said, "What did you say your dog's name was?" Well, believe it or not, about 10 years ago there was a gal named Betsy Castle walking across country with her dog, and his name was Malcolm! She and I crossed paths as well!

Betsy came through Madison in the fall of 1996. She had left Seattle in April 1995. I had received a call from a friend in the neighboring county that they were coming through. I picked them (Betsy, her dog, Malcolm, and friend Jerry) up at a local veterinarian's office, as Malcolm had developed a sore paw and they ended up there for treatment. Jerry had flown into Louisville, KY from Idaho to walk with her to Cincinnati. They needed to rest Malcolm for several days, so we took them home with us. I thought it was quite incredible that this gal was walking all the way across the country and ended up at our home! She stopped at schools along the way to raise awareness about protecting natural resources, focusing especially on water. Betsy had a particular interest in protecting salmon. I brought them to school with me one day to speak to my science classes, as I also had a particular focus on natural resources and the environment. At the time I was a science teacher at the Madison Jr. High School, also an avid hiker and environmentalist. I worked seasonally as a naturalist at Clifty Falls State Park taking people on nature hikes. I lead exercise hikes, belong to a local hiking club, and the Sierra Club, and have hiked many trails in the Smoky Mountains, and out west, including Rim to River to Rim in the Grand Canyon twice with my husband, Mike Modisett. So, I thoroughly enjoyed Betsy's walking/hiking/camping and travel stories. Her journey was to be 2,550 miles and was to end at Cape Henlopen, Delaware . She finished her journey and she and Jerry got married afterward near the Salmon River in Idaho, where they met and now live. We were invited to the wedding, but sadly could not attend, as it was during the school year. We corresponded for several years after meeting them. We love telling our story of Betsy and Jerry. I always say it was like going on vacation, but the vacation came to us! And I still marvel at the events that caused our paths to cross.

OK, back to Luke and the Boys. We loved the dogs...and oh, yeah...Luke seemed like an OK guy. We put them all in Paula's van to take them to their hotel. We were later chastised by friends for picking up a total stranger from the road...but we could tell in just a few minutes that Luke is a real dog lover, we believed in his cause, and we felt immediately at ease with him. We wanted to help all we could. Paula has been involved with animal rights for many years. We called the local newspaper and took Luke to a hotel. We also notified the shelter that he wanted to come over to volunteer while he was in town. We took him out to dinner that night in historic downtown Madison and told all the local people we saw about his cause.

I picked Luke up the next morning and we went to the post office to get his box of pet food. We scouted routes out of Madison, as the locals didn't think a crossing over the Madison/Milton Bridge would be possible. I offered to take him to a Mexican restaurant for lunch, but he said he was from Texas and was used to authentic southwest food, so I figured I better pick another restaurant. We went to Clifty Falls State Park for lunch instead. We had time to see a couple of the falls, and there is an incredible view of the Ohio River from the Inn. Mike and I took Luke out to dinner again that night.

Luke volunteered at the shelter and did a Madison Courier interview the next day. There were a couple of set backs which caused delays in leaving town, SNOW and very cold weather being two of them, so Luke and the Boys came to our home for 3 nights. We have four rescued dogs. Sadie is a deaf pit-mix. We found her nearly starved to death a few years ago. Lobo and Indy are retriever mixes, and Scout is a shepherd mix. Lobo was a hungry stray puppy found in a swamp by Mike. Indy and Scout are from our local shelter. We introduced them to Murphy and Hudson in the large fenced-in back yard. The Boys were very happy to get to romp and play in the snow, and then come in and sleep on the couches in our room with the wood stove. That evening we took Luke downtown for his interview with Shadow and Mike Cooney for the Vevay newspaper. Luke fixed us a wonderful Southwestern breakfast at our home the next morning. It was YUMMY!

The next day I took them to their starting point and Mike picked them up at the end of a good long day. And, believe it or not, on the way back through town, there was a GUY walking with TWO DOGS through Madison!!! Mike and Luke stopped to meet him and his pals. He had walked from Ohio to Georgia, and was heading back to Ohio. His name was James. He wasn't walking for a cause, but just chose walking as a way of life after leaving Ohio for various reasons. It was cold that night, and we worried about them. The next morning after I dropped Luke off at his stopping/starting point and said good-bye to them, I went back and picked up James and his boys and turned around and drove them 16 miles to Vevay. They accepted rides whenever they could. James said he got rides mostly from dog lovers. I gave them some food and money for supplies and they were on their way. My niece says word has gotten out that if you're walking across the country, to find me when you come through Madison!

We were so thrilled to have been a small part of Luke's incredible journey! What a HUGE commitment! What incredible dedication to a cause he believes in. Betsy had told me that just when she needed something on her journey, just the right people or things would appear. She called it "Trail Magic." Luke told stories of experiencing the same kind of phenomenon. I told him it was called "Trail Magic" and I hope it follows them all the rest of the way. I believe it will.

Happy Trails & Wagging Tails Boys!
Puppy UP!!
Jan Kleopfer

Virtual Walk for K9 Cancer

What if you could combine walking your dog(s) and K9 Cancer research? Would you be interested? No, we don’t mean walking with Luke and the Boys, although we’re sure they’d love the company. We’re talking about something that’s afoot in California. It’s a fantastic idea — the K9K WALK TO FIGHT CANINE CANCER, organized by Sandy Vilahu of Elk Grove, California. Even if you’re not in California, Sandy has thought of a unique way for you to participate in the walk. It’s called a “virtual walk” and anyone can participate from anywhere in the country.

After losing three wonderful dogs to cancer in the span of 11 years, Sandy Vilahu of Elk Grove, California, wanted to fight back and help find a cure for this deadly canine disease. She formed the Sacramento Canine Cancer Campaign Volunteers, which will host its first-ever K9K Walk to Cure Canine Cancer on April 18, 2009, at Elk Grove Regional Park. The event raises money for Morris Animal Foundation’s (MAF) Canine Cancer Campaign, which funds research into cancer prevention and treatment. Those who can’t participate on-site are encouraged to form Virtual Walk Teams across the country.

Registration and virtual team details are available at Event-day registration begins at 8 AM. The event includes a 3K lake walk at 9 AM local time, a 5K park walk at 9:30 AM, health seminars at 10:30 AM. and a raffle at noon.

Cancer takes the life of one in four dogs, and an estimated 50 percent of all dogs will battle the disease. It is the number 1 cause of death in dogs over the age of 2.

To learn more about this unique way to help in the fight against canine cancer, please visit: Their site is loaded with helpful information, not only about the walk but also about K9 cancer and the research being done.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Generosity of Spirit

This blog comes from our friend Nancy, who, along with Denise, met Luke and The Boys as they traveled through their area. Nancy didn't title her blog, but I think you'll agree the name I have given it is very fitting. Here's Nancy's story ...

My name is Nancy and I am an animal lover from childhood. I am fighting a very aggressive form of thyroid cancer and somewhere between my surgeries and radiation my worries for the dire conditions of our local animal shelter, Animal Friends Humane Society (in Trenton, Ohio) began to take precedence over my worries for my health. Long story short, this evolved into an incredible grassroots campaign to get a levy passed for a new shelter to be built and we are all looking forward to the grand-opening this June!

Denise, an animal lover too, is a proud, die-hard member of “Steeler Nation” who recently got to go to the Superbowl (thanks to her brother, Rich). It was the happiest day of her life. Most deserving, Denise is one of the lucky few who miraculously survived a massive brain aneurysm. Although it has left her with some physical deficits and major challenges, her faith is stronger than ever.

Together we own a small printing business, Alpine Press in Middletown, Ohio. In the midst of our illnesses we had to deal with a crushing embezzlement and now, of course, the failing economy. Our prayers have been answered as we now have two dynamic people who have stepped up to the plate to do sales and help re-build the business under a new name (come June or July), Alpine Printing and Media Center.

We have 3 dogs, all of them rescues, and the light of our lives. None of them has cancer; however, interestingly enough, when my neck was loaded with it, our dog Cody kept shoving the Reiki therapist off of me, trying to get to my neck. She knew!

And on that note, HUGE thanks to Luke Robinson for gracing us with his presence (he was the guest of honor at our biggest fundraiser, the Bark’n’Purr Ball on February 28th, 2009). He got up behind the podium and proceeded to educate a room filled with 500 people on the lack of diagnostics for canine cancer and the need for more canine cancer research. He asked the audience how many of them had dogs with cancer and the hands went up all around the room. Luke visited our shelters, old and new, and continued to spread the word. He is kind and knowledgeable and sadly, knows first-hand what it is like to lose a dog to cancer.

We marvel over the fact that Luke gave up his job and his home to carry out this selfless mission to raise awareness of canine cancer. To commemorate his visit with all of us, Denise and I purchased a brick that our shelter is now selling to help fund-raise. The brick will be engraved: Luke Robinson 2 Dogs 2000 Miles and will become a permanent part of the pavement at the new shelter.

It was an absolute honor meeting you, Luke, and may God bless every step you continue to take. It is a cause well worth supporting and I am pretty sure Ellen De Generes would want to promote you on her show, being the animal lover that she is. Who knows? You could become the Susan G. Korman of canine cancer!

In your travels Luke, be sure to remind people to always consider adoption first and to spay/neuter their pets.

Special thanks to Nancy for taking time to add her voice to the 2Dogs blog. Best wishes for good health to you and Denise, and good luck with your 're-newed' venture, Alpine Printing and Media Center.

Pictured above: (1) Nancy, Luke, and Denise; (2) Luke at the podium; (3) Luke, Nancy, and friends at Animal Friends Humane Society.