Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wag’N Along 2 Dogs 2000 Miles by Ines de Pablo

Few people and pet parents realize that pets, just like humans, are at risk for canine cancer. Like us, animals have lungs, hearts, livers and kidneys, mucous membrane, eyes, noses, muscles, tendons, allergies, cells, blood types, etc. Cancer is unfortunately one of the aspects we wished we differed in.

Wag’N is dedicated to pet safety. We’ve taken an all-encompassing approach to the subject and have been working to educate pet parents in the various facets of pet emergency mitigation, preparedness and response. We recognize that not all emergencies can be prevented. Education and awareness can however help us prevent and prepare for pet emergencies. Canine Cancer awareness included!

In June 2009, Wag’N Partnered with the Morris Animal Foundation Canine Cancer Campaign to help raise awareness and help the foundation raise funds.

It was during that time that we learned about Luke Robinson and his quest to raise awareness about canine cancer. The story was very compelling and it turns out that Luke had also partnered with Morris K9 Cancer Campaign. Great minds think and wag alike!

Luke and his two Great Pyrenees, Hudson and Murphy, committed to walk from Austin, Texas to Boston, Massachusetts, stopping along the way to educate the public on their cause. In September Luke made it to the Nation’s Capital! We joined forces at the first annual Wag’N 4 The Cure event in Arlington, Virginia.

The “Boys” got a bath at the Bark’N Bubble in Ashburn Virginia on Saturday September 12 and wagged by the Dogma Bakery on Sunday September 13 for the Wag’N 4 The Cure Event!

Luke has incredible charisma and is a very funny yet extremely dedicated man. Throughout the day I had a chance to listen in to various conversations with members of his 'fan' club. His stories are nothing short of inspirational. It takes nothing short of dedication to travel the country on foot with two Great Pyrenees in tow, live in a tent and live on bare minimums, all that for a fantastic cause. Dedication doesn’t begin to describe his ongoing drive to help make this world a better and healthier place for our beloved pets.

We were especially touched by dedicated followers of his journey who drove all the way from Maryland to get a chance to meet with him and his pack. One particular couple touched us the most as their female dogs “Lexie” suffers from breast cancer. Luke’s engagement was heartwarming.

Hudson and Murphy enjoyed the bakery as soon as they arrived. Bully sticks, a birthday cake, tons of people (for attention and petting) and more bully sticks. They finally got a chance to stretch their legs - and help them digest all the bully sticks – during the 2K Arlington Walk 4 The Cure.

The event ended shortly thereafter. As Luke set off on the next leg of his journey to the Hill for the First Canine Cancer Caucus in Washington we are looking forward to next year! More great adventures. More experience and exposure to the topic of canine cancer, thousands more educated pet parents and safer pets. That is something to Wag About! 2 DOGS 2000 Miles keeps on Walk’N and we’ll keep on Wag’N 4 The Cure.

As they travel across the country, try to meet up with them and walk with Luke and the boys. If you can’t walk, blog, research, learn, follow, support and inspire. The cause is just. The team is right. The time is now.

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Special thanks to our friend Sheila Rinks for the use of her photos. Pictured directly above are: Bekye (Lexi's Mom), Lexi, Sheila, Hudson, Luke, Murphy.

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