Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Recent News October 20

Where Are They? The Boys had a stretch of bad weather for a few days and had to remain off the road. They stayed in a motel and then with friends and host family the Donelsons, who themselves have two Great Pyrenees. Andy writes: "Our youngest daughter, Tabi, loved playing with the boys. When Hudson jumped up to give his hugs, he was face to face with her. So I think both Huds and Murphy got lots of good lovin' this weekend … Our boys are two litter male Pyrs that we acquired from Paige [Segovia] when they were about 4 months old. Peyte and Corbynn will be 2 next month and really wanted to play with Hudson and Murphy … even though Hudson didn't care too much for our Pyrenees boys." Thanks to the Donelsons for seeing that The Boys were dry and well-fed while they waited out the weather!

Now the Boys are back on the road on the WB&A Trail. Last night they were camped out near a town called Bowie. It is getting rather cold – in the low 30s – but Hudson and Murphy decided the weather was still too warm to cuddle, so Papi was off by himself in the tent until early this morning when they decided it wasn't so bad to snuggle after all. Like Luke said, it's now definitely snuggle snuggle season!

If the weather stays fair they're planning on being on the road for the whole week as they want to be well on their way to Philly.

Deadline For Memorial Shirt #5 – Just a reminder that the deadline for Memorial Shirt #5 is October 21. The Memorial Shirt lists the names of all the angels who walk with Luke, Hudson, and Murphy in spirit. If you're interested in having your dog's name on Luke's next shirt, please follow the link here and contact Ginger for specific details at ginger@2dogs2000miles.org.

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