Saturday, October 3, 2009

Memorial Shirt 5

Do you know about our Memorial Shirt? You may have seen it because Luke always wears one as he walks, and to just about every event he attends. As Luke says, “The Memorial Shirt is the most important part of my attire. This walk is for and about all of our beloved companion pets who have been touched by cancer. It is both an honor and a privilege to have them with us all the way. While walking, I only wear the Memorial Shirt.” ... “Malcolm was my inspiration behind the walk but what keeps me going when the day grows long and the terrain proves tough are all of the angels walking with us.”

Listed on the Memorial Shirt are the names of dogs (and even at least one cat!) touched by cancer – those who have passed and those still fighting the disease. Luke is presently wearing Memorial Shirt #4 but we’re getting ready to print Memorial Shirt #5 very soon. To get your dog (or cat) added to the upcoming Memorial Shirt is only a donation of $25.00 per name, and the name remains there for each new shirt printing.

Please contact for inquiries. The deadline for adding your companion’s name is October 21, so please contact her ASAP if you’d like a name added.

By the way, because of the overwhelming support and generosity of all who participated in this year’s AND last year’s calendar contests, Luke has decided to add the names of ALL the dogs from both calendars to Memorial Shirt 5. That’s well over 100 new names who will be added to those who already walk with them in Spirit.

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