Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Remembering Malcolm

Driving to the beach Sunday reminded me of a Malcolm story. Thanksgiving 2005 we were on a return trip from the coast, his cancer had already metastisized to his lungs and I knew our time together was limited.

The highway I was on was under construction and in trying to follow all the detour signs, I wasn't paying attention to the road and a car had stopped ahead of me. Braking hard and fast is a big problem when you have a three-legged dog in your SUV but I didn't really have a choice. Malcolm held fast though but I can't say the same about the luggage. It went everywhere.

Thankfully I stopped short of the car's bumper but I pulled off the highway to make sure everyone was good anyway. I turned to check on Malcolm. He was smiling as he always does in the midst of adversity yet he was completely covered in pink curlers from a cosmetics kit that had spilled. Have you ever seen a Pyrenees covered in pink curlers?

It was the last time I remember laughing for a long time but God it felt good.


Joanne Silverman said...

It is good to remember . Whenever Emma can't sleep , she asks me to tell her a Sparky story. I take comfort knowing she will pass on these stories and memories. said...

What a lovely memory of Malcolm. If only there was a picture of him in his pink rollers to share too. I can just imagine it.

Your stories are very touching, but I'm glad that with Murphy and Hudson that you're able to laugh again. Malcolm spirit is obviously within you all X

The Pet Elf said...

Aww, smiling at your memory, but with tears too. Thanks for all you're doing!

Kim Waite-Williams

Anonymous said...

This gave me a smile and a laugh. Thanks for sharing Luke.

Amy (Thunder Angels Mom)