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Recent News October 29

1. Where Are They?
2. Twitter & Facebook
3. Recommended Reading/Viewing
4. New puppy up! Blog up
5. Please Think Good Thoughts

1. Where Are They? -- The Boys made it through Baltimore with a few new adventures under their belt/collars, but are now on Route 40 and will be on that route all the way to Wilmington. Wednesday, October 28, they did an interview with ABC as they walked through Rosedale, Maryland.

The video angles of them walking on the shoulder of the road with traffic speeding by gives you some idea of what their average day is like as they walk through the bigger cities.

Please note the nice little tease at the end from the announcer … something to whet people's appetites for what's to come after Boston…

Thanks to reporter Kelly Swoope and ABC for such a nice interview.

In other news, Luke's now working on his fourth pair of boots. He said he couldn't find the Vasque boots he's used to so got Asolo instead – and says, "The jury's still out" on them. Nothing like walking 10+ miles a day to break in a new pair of boots.

2. Twitter & Facebook – Some of you may be following Luke, Hudson, and Murphy on Twitter, some of you may have found them on Facebook. Luke is still using Twitter, and occasionally so are Hudson and Murphy, but they're using Facebook more these days because they can upload longer stories to go with their photos. If you'd like to follow them on Facebook, just "friend" them. (To some of you this will mean a great deal – to others, nothing at all.) You can also "friend" Hudson and Murphy. You can find their Facebook page by searching on FB for "Hudsonandmurphyrobinson." They'll be happy to befriend you!

3. Recommended Reading/Viewing – I picked this off this post on Facebook today by our good friend and long-time supporter Tina. She posts: "Watch this video and let it warm up your heart. Many thanks to Hudson and Murphy (2 Great Pyrenees dogs) who are walking with their "Dad" , Luke, from Austin to Boston to create awareness for canine cancer for this link. I love it and you will too!!" (Thanks, Tina!) Here's her link. The title is: "A Closer Look At Animal Welfare Issues : THIS ENTRY IS DEDICATED TO ALL THOSE WHO THINK YOUR PET YOU DROPPED OFF AT YOUR LOCAL SHELTER WON'T REMEMBER YOU."

Tina is a long-time animal advocate and takes on local, national and worldwide issues affecting animals today. Tina is a TV talk show host and has been a guest on other TV and radio programs throughout Berks County PA and beyond.

4. New puppy up! Blog up – I'll be posting ALL the calendar stories (this year's and last year's) in the next few days, as time permits, but I'd like to direct you to a very informative puppy up! blog recently done by Lonna Coleman about her dog Salty and his cancer and treatment. As Lonna wrote to me in her email, "While considering radiation as one of the cancer treatments for Salty, I really wanted to see photos of the effects of radiation on the skin but found nothing. So, I was determined to document it during Salty's treatment with the intention of sharing it with others." The good news is that Salty is doing well. As we all know, fear of the unknown is daunting. I hope you'll take time to visit the puppy up! blog, and please feel free to leave supportive comments and helpful advice. They are always welcomed.

5. Please Think Good Thoughts –

You may remember Maddie M. She was in this year's calendar contest. She's a beautiful Bullmastiff tripaw diagnosed with osteosarcoma at the end of January 2009. She became a tripaw in February. She was cancer free when her people entered her in the calendar contest and had her checkup just recently. Well, the checkup wasn't good news. During her visit to the University of PA they discovered her cancer has metastasized to her lungs. Please think good thoughts for Maddie, her Dad and Mom, Brad and Kathy, and all Maddies' family and friends.

Also please think good thoughts for Katie, 8 year old Eskie of Celeste. Katie is fighting an aggressive form of liver cancer. We heard from Katie and her Mom Celeste, who writes: "It's one day at a time for us. The chemo lowered Katie's white blood cell count so she's on antibiotics. She seems fine and is eating well so that's a good sign. We're just trying to enjoy each day we have with her. Take care and thanks for thinking of us."

puppy up!

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