Wednesday, October 14, 2009

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Where Were They? The Boys just finished two events this past weekend in the Reading, PA area. They had a great time and met some wonderful people including Frozen Woofys, Pam with Puppy Paws (check out her great line of jewelry), Barbara and Pat with Godfrey’s Dogdom , Barrie Pease, President of the Board of The Rescue League of Berk’s County and a host of other great people. Hudson and Murphy got all sorts of treats including some Frozen Woofys, and Luke had a chance to meet with a number of people who are interested in helping us going forward.

Where Are They? The Boys are back on the road, hopefully walking through the week (depending on the weather). They’ve finished the Towpath (they did almost the entire rails to trails — 315 miles), and as they reached Mile Marker 0 they were interviewed by CNS-TV's Chris Yu with the University of Maryland Capital News Service. You can view the news piece Chris did of The Boys at: Go to the left side and click on "2300 mile dog walk." A word of warning (and a good laugh) for those on dial-up who want to download the video (it comes as a zip file). Better stop by your local Internet CafĂ© or library. If your connection is like mine, the download time comes up as “time remaining: 1 day, 6 hours.” Don’t you just love technology? Anyway, the video is great (I finally did get to see it) and Chris Yu did a nice job. There’s also a nice cut to some archival footage of Luke and Malcolm playing together.

Luke texted me yesterday to tell me, “We’re a few miles from Maryland. Hope to make it to the beltway today but the sun is fading. We’ll find a park to sleep in. Urban camping – cool.” The next text was more typical of what we’ve come to expect of Luke’s urban adventures: “Just got my tent up in the woods in Colmar Manor Park and already the gunfire’s starting. Six shots and then sirens. Makes me miss the meth labs down South J” But this morning came word that they “made it thru the night OK. The Boys were very brave and protected their Papi.” They’re now on 450 where they’ll pick up the WB and A trail.

So where will they be going from here? Luke passed by The White House and left a puppy up! bracelet on the fence, then headed towards Baltimore and the WB and A Bike Path. He originally planned a route through Harrisburg, and is close enough to do a limited number of events should those of you in the Harrisburg area have events you’d like to invite them too. But Luke really wants to make a beeline to Philadelphia and be there by Thanksgiving and in the Manhattan area by the Holidays. If you are interested in inviting The Boys to an event, whether in the Harrisburg area or further on down the road in Baltimore, Philly, or NYC, please contact Ginger to make the necessary connections:

In The Media – Aside from the great video piece by Chris Yu there’s the Reading Eagle On-Line article about The Boys here and a new puppy up! blog here with guest blogger Laureen Straw.

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