Monday, October 31, 2011

The Rock The Ripple and The River

It hasn't been the year we all thought it would be. I had big, big plans after we reached Boston last June and immediately afterwards drove out to Colorado to work with my editor on the book about our mission.  I was only there for a few weeks before Murphy was diagnosed with nasal cancer. 

When I learned of his diagnosis I told her, "I don't know how to tell this story anymore".

One year later, it came to me how.

Our story can't be told in one book, but three. 

"The Rock, The Ripple, and The River"

It's Malcolm's birthday today and he's where the trilogy begins.  As a dogless, self centered Texas boy in his late twenties who wasn't raised with any sense of respect for companion animals, Malcolm became the rock that broke me.  Of my upbringings and my preconceptions.  He fundamentally changed me as a human being and my love and devotion to him set off a sequence of events that has touched thousands and thousands of lives. Book two is about that Ripple Effect that has sent shockwaves through time.  

In the third book of the trilogy I'll talk about the spiritual aspects of our journey.  Of a man who lacked the faith to take even the first step... of the grace and glory given to a once godless man who, though his travels, has learned the cost of eternal love and price of being so blessed. 

The whole story will begin being told December 2011...

The book poster was designed and expertly crafted after hours and hours of collaboration with Jamie Dennis. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Raising Indiana

Being a pet parent again for the first time in 5 years I realize I have a lot to learn. So I started a series of podcasts to tap into the expertise of the network of people we’ve built along our travels.

From training to nutrition, veterinarian care and psychology, ‘Raising Indiana’ will explore all aspects of puppyhood. The good, the bad, the puppy…

And since the story of Indy started in Bowling Green, KY, the first episode is a conversation with the Executive Director of the Humane Society there, Lorri Hare, a dear friend and long time supporter. But you have to go to the Finding Fuzzybutt Four blog to download the audiocast. Every Thursday at 7pm EST a new episode will be posted there.