Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Traveling in Style at the Canine Cancer Caucus

If you've read the puppy up! blog, you've come across Lily's story, "Lily -- American Bulldog." It's quite a success story and we wish Lily many more years as a tripawed cancer survivor.

Recently her Mom, Hope, was one of the people who traveled to DC to be part of the Canine Cancer Caucus. Of course, Lily went too, and in style. They drove all the way from Colorado and stayed at the Hotel George while they were at the Capital. As you may remember, part of the Canine Cancer Caucus was a 2.5 mile walk, so Hope brought Lily's stroller along. We thought some of you might find this information interesting and helpful. Here's the scoop on Lily's stroller from Hope:

Lily's stroller is the Solvit HoundAbout Stroller for large dogs. I ordered mine on It normally retails for $249.99 but was on sale for $199.99 I first read about the stroller on the June 23 blog at The stroller is awesome. It was fairly simple to put together (although I had help from Carlos at Hotel George ). It folds down for storage and it fits in the trunk of my car. (I used a red garden wagon last year to pull Lily around when she was in pain and I could not close the trunk of the car when the wagon was in it.) The stroller weighs 41 pounds but I was able to lift it. I had quite a bit of difficulty trying to lift the red wagon. The stroller also functions as a dog crate on wheels. Lily is not the kind of dog that I can just turn loose in a dog park so having a rolling crate is a good thing for a dog like her. I only have one minor complaint about the stroller. It comes with a water bottle holder for the handlebars and mine does not want to stay in place. I think I just need to go to a bicycle store and get a water bottle holder there.

Hope Lisle & Lily, Washington DC, September 2009

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