Monday, May 26, 2008

Working Hard On A Day Off

May 17, 2008 Silas decides the stress is taking a toll and a day off is just what the doctor ordered. For Luke that is. So while "The Boys" rest comfortably at the ranch with Lori; Silas treats Luke to a morning of golf. It proved to be time well spent both for recreation and spreading the message of his mission. Information about 2 Dogs 2000 Miles is now being spread at two of the largest companies in Tyler, TX. It seems that Luke is always working hard, even on a day off. Now we hold our breath during the first bandage change. Happily all is well, and to Murphy's dismay a new bandage is applied. Amazingly, Murphy has immediately returned to his schedule of eating and potty breaks like nothing has happened. He would prefer to patrol the whole property perimeter, but these mean people are containing him to the perimeter of the house.


Marilyn Sue said...

Wow, I have just read through these new posts and it really hit me how incredibly fortunate it was for Luke, Hudson and Murphy to have met you. You have a provided a haven, quite literally.

Thank you so much for being there and for all you are doing. I know you are giving a gift with no expectation of return, but may your generous hearts be rewarded.

LiveWorkDream said...

Golf, eh? What, you're not getting enough walking in there Big Dog?