Friday, May 9, 2008


Late Friday last week, I discovered a bump on Murphy's right front leg about midway between his paw and elbow. Up until then we had suspected the slight limp he'd been expressing was paw related.

Since the vet in New Baden, we've consulted with three others all of whom felt that the problem was either soft tissue or more recently, tendon related from to the type of booties he's been wearing.

Now we know it may be more serious. We traveled back to the Bryan/College Station area to see Dr. Rogers, a vet oncologist with Texas A&M Veterinary School. After she, an orthopedic surgeon, and a radiologist reviewed his X-Rays, we are hopeful that the bone lesion is either from physical trauma or an infection of some sort, so much so that we decided that a biopsy is not warranted at this time.

For now, rest, Rimadyl, and a 30 day regimen of antibiotics seems the most sensible course. No one wants a hole drilled in Murphy's bone unless absolutely necessary. There's a lot of hope to hold on to here. The plan is to find a place for him to rest for the next two weeks after which time, we'll take another radiograph to see if the lesion has changed. That should tell us more than we know now.

We are looking for a home in the Jacksonville, TX area so if you have a place to put up the ole boy while Hudson and I get back on the road, we'd be grateful. Food and treats will be provided so there won't be any expense involved. Please contact

I have arranged a news interview later today at A&M to inform everyone of the situation and assure you that the walk will continue even if the outcome is cancer. We have contingency plans in place for that eventuality. One way or another, we're all getting to Boston together.

The photo nearby was taken last Saturday at the Music Awards after I learned the news. The event was great but for me, the day was an emotional rollercoaster. I'm glad I decided to attend anyway since he got so much love and affection there. Please keep Murphy in your prayers and we'll keep you updated.


Anonymous said...

My thoughts and heart are with you and the boys. I also added your moving tribute video onto my Facebook page to get the word out about your incredible journey.

Sending warm regards and positive energy out to you,
Roslyn (Roz) Abramovitch
West Fargo, North Dakota

Jerry G Dawg said...

Oh Murphy, we send our love and pawsitive healing thoughts out to you from here in Colorado. We know you'll be back on the road soon, just take it easy buddy, and heal that leg.

We love you!
Jerry, Rene & Jim

Anonymous said...

All love from Lalla

yoonamaniac said...

I'll keep you guys in my thoughts. All our paws are crossed for Murphy.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to think of positive thoughts only for Murphy....I know he'll get lots of attention and love while he is resting...Take Care

Anonymous said...

Awe, i wish you were up closer to where i live. I would so love to help out some way, transport, a place to stay - anything! I would dearly love to take care of murphy for as long as needed! Come to Wisconsin!!
My prayers go with you. Puppy hugs from a pyr fan in wisconsin, Linda, Shadow (my pyrkid), and annie (my saint who thinks she's a pyr).

Anonymous said...

Thoughts,prayers, and healing energy coming your way, Murphy! Angel Maggie will keep an eye on you, and on your Dad and brother Hudson.

Healing thoughts - Kristin, Brian, & Abitapuppy

Linda said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you all. I know, all to well on a personal level, the kind of worry this must be causing you Luke. Murphy... rest and get well buddy! We are all pulling for you! Your message and cause are SO important!

Sending lots of well wishes and positive thoughts!
Linda and Brody (in spirit)
Rockford, IL

Mary Sciurba said...

Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you!! Special prayers are coming Murphy's way! May he heal quickly and reunite with you soon!! Luke, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your courage and strength!! You truly are a hero to me! Thank you for speaking for all the sweet pups who are facing this dreaded disease and for all those who have lost their valient battle!! Know that we are with you in spirit with every step you take!!! Safe travels, my friend! Puppy up!!!

Mary Sciurba & Angel Bingo
West Allis, WI

Linda said...

My thoughts and prayers go out to you and Murphy. I hope his injury isn't real serious. I've posted the video about Malcom on my 'my space' and also put your story on my blog so it gets out there. I just know you'll find a good temporary home for Murphy while he recups. I'll keep holding you all up in prayer from Pennsylvania.

Hugs & Belly Rubs,
Linda :)

Roz said...

Hi there! I have been checking in daily to read about any updates on Murphy. Has he found a place to stay? And has his condition remained the same? I hope Luke and Hudson are doing alright as well. Thinking of you all,
Roz Abramovitch
West Fargo, ND

Becky said...

Positive thoughts for you and the "boys" from Rhode Island. All the "furkids" here, have their paws crossed that the out come will be what we all want to hear.
Murphy will recover and join you quickly. Your journey is one to be admired and we all love the three of you!!!!

Becky and all ten "furkids"