Thursday, May 8, 2008

We're Out There!

In a recent email update by our own Janet Graham, volunteer extraordinaire, we catch a glimpse of how 2dogs is making a showing of its own. She tells us, "At GPCA Nationals (Great Pyrenees Club of America Dog Show) held in Westlake, Ohio, North East Pyrenees Rescue (NEPYRESQ) had their booth and also had a booth for 2 Dogs 2000 Miles. Sue Smith (pictured) of NEPYRESQ manned the booth and helped sell bracelets. They also sold special T-shirts featuring 2 Dogs 2000 Miles."

Janet missed getting a T-shirt because they'd sold out before she could buy one, but she was happy to say she's wearing her own 2dogs bracelet.

Thanks to NEPYRESQ and Sue for getting us "out there." And thanks, Janet, for telling us about it.

(Photos courtesy of Janet Graham.)

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