Monday, May 26, 2008

When God knocks on your heart, will you be brave enough to answer?

May 12, 2008 Greetings from Camp Lacy! Let us tell you about the latest blessing that God has brought to us. VIA an email from SPIN (Saving Pyrenees In Need) we discovered Luke, Murphy and Hudson were in need of help. It turned out to be the help we could offer. A safe place for Murphy to recuperate, a vet who understands the special needs of Great Pyrenees, three rescued pyrs to play with, (Samson is 160 lbs, Delilah is 125 lbs, and Thor is 97 lbs), fenced in acreage, and enough love to go around. So after a few phone calls and prayers we drove to Palestine, TX on Mother's Day to pick up Luke and "The Boys". We knew there was plenty of work ahead of us with caring for Murphy, playing with Hudson, vet visits, transporting to and from the walking route, and trying to get Luke to eat. What we didn't know was how fast they all would become dear family members. Hudson immediately jumped into our arms and hearts with his exuberance. Murphy melted our hearts with his beautiful eyes and perfectly curled eyelashes any girl would want. Luke's every thought and action is about his boy's welfare, his quest, and spreading the message.

Introductions went well. Samson has decided that he will protect Murphy and enjoy Hudson. Delilah likes to play and nap with anyone that Samson approves. Thor and Murphy are turning into bestest buddies. Since Thor is going through heartworm treatment and is recently neutered, we have decided to keep him and Hudson apart. Thor needs to keep quiet and isn't ready for puppy play. Amazingly, everyone is perfectly happy. We are already experiencing the blessings of having a bigger family.

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