Monday, May 26, 2008

Thanks Be to God

May 18, 2008 It's off to church to thank the Lord for knocking on our heart, and even more thanking Him for the courage to answer the knock. The songs, prayers and messages seem to be speaking directly to us. Lots of contemplating and praying to do this week. We truly had no idea how our blessings would be multiplied by such a simple act of kindness. We can not thank Luke, Murphy and Hudson enough for letting us take part in their adventure.

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wolfwatcher said...

Lori and Silas-
We cannot thank YOU enough for all that you are doing for the boys-we are all eternally grateful. As you know; they are our extended family in every sense, and the comfort in knowing you are there for them is a feeling I have difficulty explaining.
You've become an integral part of our family, now and always...