Monday, May 26, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

May 14, 2008 Talk about trials! It’s time to take Murphy to the vet for x-rays and it’s raining so hard that the road is flooded and impassable. The morning appointment has been changed to an afternoon appointment and we wait for the water to go down. While we wait Luke decides to be “MacGyver” using a small hand tool and cutting away a fallen tree in knee deep fast moving water. When the rescue helicopter flew over looking for a woman that placed a 911 call about being stuck in fast moving water, he decided to return to the safety of the house and continue the wait. Hudson entertains us by playing with a little santa hat that is his "puppy". Tossing and chasing, it's obvious Hudson has his favorite toy. Thankfully it's small and light weight. Did you see a dove?

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