Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The People of 2dogs2000miles

From time to time we’ll be posting bio-blogs of some of the people who work behind the scenes to make 2dogs2000miles run. Earlier we met Marilyn and Aaron, who both work tirelessly to help the 2dogs gears run smoothly, coordinating people, projects, and technology.

In this bio-blog we feature Ariel. This is her story…

My name is Ariel and I live in Memphis, Tennessee. I am currently a high school senior and graduate May 25th. I am involved with 2dogs because I believe my baby boy Jiggs wanted me to help out with this journey. Jiggs was an incredible, sweet Keeshond that I rescued from my neighbor's backyard with the help of Mid-South Keeshond Rescue ( Even though I didn't lose Jiggs to cancer, there is a dog, Casper (see his brief bio below), who I helped rescue out of a local shelter here who is doing wonderfully. I manage Luke's MySpace page ( while he is out walking, update the 2dogs MySpace blog, and am selling the puppy up! bracelets too.

I am an animal rescuer and I have been since I was 13. I did my silver and gold awards [Girl Scouts] on animal cruelty, humane education and pet adoption. Both these awards are the highest awards a girl can get at a certain age. For my silver I took my scout troop to the Memphis Humane Society and collected things for the Tipton County Animal Shelter. My gold award project was done during the 3rd Annual Tennessee Week for the Animals. I did humane education presentations at Munford High school. I also did a pet adoption event on September 30th at the Arlington, Tennessee Tractor Supply Company with Fresh Start Sheltie Rescue and Muttley Crue.

I have saved many dogs from shelters and placed them into new and loving homes. I am at adoption events every other weekend to help out Memphis Animal Shelter and Animal World USA ( ). I am the Volunteer Coordinator for Animal World USA and I love it. Additionally, I was the first Tennessee Week for the Animals Volunteer of the year for 2005.

In the immediate future, I am planning to take a semester off after high school to get my feet under me. I will get a job somewhere that deals with animals. Eventually I hope to be going to the University of Memphis with a major in biology and then go on to vet school so I can become a shelter vet.

I believe I was born to help all the homeless babes in this world. I met Luke when Kathy told me that he needed someone to manage his MySpace page. I love doing it. It is such a wonderful feeling to be part of such a great cause.

About Casper: In March of 2005, Casper was sitting at the Tipton County Animal Shelter. When he was rescued, he had worms, parasites, Guardia, and was heartworm positive. He weighed 31 pounds when he should have weighed 60. However, after the intervention of many caring people and prevailing against all odds, Casper looked like he would be fine. Then he was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma. However, through heroic efforts on the part of many, and after surgery to remove the tumor, he was put on supplements and his diet was changed to raw. Casper has survived against all odds and, as Ariel reports, he is doing “wonderfully”! Congratulations to all involved in his rescue and recovery. He is now the “picture of perfect health, no tumors reoccurring, and a healthy 63 pounds.” Casper now belongs with Jeanna Scott and her family.

Special thanks to Ariel for taking time out of her hectic schedule to contribute to the 2dogs blog. And congratulations on your upcoming graduation!


yoonamaniac said...

Hey, Ariel!
I think I "know" you from online pet forums. Good to read that you're doing very well helping animals as always.

Roz said...

Hello Ariel!

You are an awesome young woman and an inspiration to all. The world is a better place and the animals you help are better off because of you!

Roslyn (Roz) Abramovitch
West Fargo, North Dakota