Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Where's Your God Now?

Ricky Gervais must be laughing his ass off.  

As a humorist, friend to animals, and self proclaimed atheist, I've poked and prodded and kidney punched him here a few times about the apparent dichotomy: how can one love animals and not see God?  

Well, the second of the 2 dogs that walked cross country just got diagnosed with cancer like the first.  As a man of faith it must be fitting in some cruel Biblical irony.  

But I don't and won't believe it is.  My mission was God given.  After all, a stripper from San Antonio started it all.  

*Disclaimer - not all animal loving atheists post Sharpie outlined moob Selfies on Twitter.  Not Safe for Work.  Not Safe Ever.  Sorry.  


Lacey Jackson said...

I was raised to be an atheist and an animal lover. My grandmother ran the Animal Rights Advocates of South Dakota and taught me compassion for all living things (heck, I avoid stepping on bugs in the summer and I pick up worms that are in danger of drying up in the sun). I cannot pretend there's a reason God is putting you all through this, I can only hope the outcome is as positive as possible. Please know that my heart is with you all.

Anonymous said...

This reads that you are an atheist, but think you mean Ricky Gervais is [which would mean correcting the syntax to, "As a humorist, friend to animals, and self-proclaimed atheist, RICKY GERVAIS has been poked and prodded and kidney-punched by me here a few times." Or, "I've poked, prodded, and kidney-punched plenty Ricky Gervais, a humorist, friend to animals, and self-proclaimed atheist, about the apparent dichotomy." What do you mean by "cruel Bible iron"? Believe in you, Luke, and 2 Million Dogs, and have followed 2 Dogs 2000 Miles since your very beginning. Whether you believe in God or not, He loves you. He isn't cruel but loving enough to save all things. We are praying he saves Hudson and you from this cancer.