Sunday, November 10, 2013

Day 6: Pathology Report

We got the pathology report back today: Mast Cell Grade II. Dr. B's a bad ass diagnostician so it was as we expected.  Now I have to determine how to proceed.  

As I previously wrote, with wide surgical margins Hudsito's prognosis is favorable. Here's a pretty good article about grading MC tumors, treatment options, etc. from Washington State.

Had Hudson's tumor been grade I, my decision would've wait and see for recurrence.  I'm not so sure now so I'll be conferring with a handful of experts before I determine what, if any, the treatment plan is.  


Sue Ingham said...

Not knowing anything about MCT, I cannot give an opinion, but I do know that you will weigh everything out and you will only do what is the best for your boy. He could not be in more loving or capable hands than yours.

Anonymous said...

Now, with all your 'newly' acquired experiences & contacts, you are in the best position to know how to care for Hudson. Many prayers to you both. ;) SA