Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Day 3: Wish You Were Here

I've made it through the worst of my existential crisis in large part due to the outpouring of support.  For that I am thankful.   

Hudson is convalescing well though he's still hopped up on Tramadol and feeling no pain.  Hopefully we'll get the results back from the lab Friday so we can know what we're up against. Everything is on hold til then.  As most of you know, the waiting is excruciating especially for my personality type.  

Dr. Blackburn feels like he got clean margins which is good news and from my preliminary research even if it's a grade 2, the prognosis is pretty promising. There's a lot of hope to hold on here.  

I reintroduced Indiana to Hudson for the first time today and he played the dutiful little brother role perfectly.  Except when he tried to pull Hudson's cone off which was cute.  


Anita said...

The waiting is the worst. Continued prayers.

Cathy M Sullivan-Neves said...

Keeping you all in our heart and praying ...hugs friends here in RI

Anonymous said...

Dear Hudson, Luke, Indy, And Mama G
IThe Waterloo Pups & their mom Jeri will be praying for alll of you .