Monday, November 4, 2013

Highway 40

Just as I was driving to Dr. Blackburn's vet clinic this morning, I was thinking of a funny way to punk everyone about Hudson's lump on his rump.  I intended to write, 'Well, it's bad news for Hudson.  The vet informed us that he's really a French existentialist with a penchant for Clove cigarettes, berets, beatnik poetry, and menage-a-trois. 

After aspirating the tumor and examining it under the microscope, Dr. 'B', as he's affectionately known, returned to the room and said, 'I'm 100% sure...' and I was about to do a 'Whew' until he continued...'It's a mast cell tumor'. 

Hudson has cancer and is under the knife as I write, to remove it.  Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as there is a chance, ever so slight, that when the tumor is excised, the massive release of histamines from the agitated B cells can be fatal it seems though I'm still trying to process the unprocessable.   

But what we do know is that we won't know until it's biopsied what exactly we're up against nor what the plan is for four or five days.  

I will not be on FB or reachable here at the earliest until the results or back.  Ginger will keep you updated probably here and the 2milliondogs fan page.  However, my blog will chronicle every aspect of Hudson's cancer.  

I have to go now and learn everything there is to know about mastocytoma.   

I wondered why I've had nightmares recently about Highway 40. 

I am inconsolable


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Anonymous said...

My heart, prayers, and love go out to all of you. Praying that Huds makes a complete recovery.

Jeri Waterloo said...

The Waterloo pups and their mom Jeri will be praying for Hudson, Luke, Indy, & aunt Ginger

Chris Williams said...

oh please have heart. My dog which we just rescued (their story on A second Chance for Laya and Blake) Laya had a stage two mast cell tumor removed. Doc has to get the margins wide enough and the prognosis is usually good. Iam sure you caught your boys tumor quickly. I know a tremendous canine oncologist in West Chester PA (a long way from you buy she is terrific) Dr Anne Jeglum.
You and your dog are in my prayers. We just completed Puppy Up Baltimore yesterday. I was inspired to start a walk because of my beloved boy who died recently from Lymphoma. Mast cell tumors can be one of three stages. I am praying for stage one or two for Hudson!
Chris Williams
Baltimore please feel free to call anytime ... Ginger has my number