Friday, April 9, 2010

Sacred Skin -- "Malcolm left his traces in my soul and now I get to translate that into ink."

"A great tattoo is a statement, not a style. And getting it is a journey, not a destination." - Vince Hemingson

Tattoos tell stories. They are often a way of honoring, symbols of devotion, pledges of love. Luke's tattoo of Malcolm expresses all of these.

He recently met with the guys from Rescue Ink and had a special tattoo done of his beloved Malcolm, something he's wanted to do for a long time. His tattoo artist was Justin Hendelman who owns New York Kreepy Kustom Tattoos , but because Luke and The Boys are currently still in Connecticut, the tat was actually done at The Iron Butterfly in Danbury, owned by Annette Mathews.

Luke wrote, “INKED! Thanks to Annette & her team at Iron Butterfly in Danbury (and her Chihuahua mix Tito), The Rescue Ink guys - Joe, Big Ant, Johnny O, Stevie. They took time out of their jobs rescuing abused animals and stayed late 'til it was done. And Jerome and the artist, Justin, thanks for doing such a beautiful job portraying Malcolm.”

Luke's not sharing any photos of his tattoo right now. We’ll have to wait for pictures until later after it heals. But it will forever be his companion and mark a profoundly important point in his life.

(Pictured are the Rescue Ink Guys with Hudson and Murphy shortly after they threw Luke under the bus! Kidding!!)

This just in from Danbury, CT:

Rescue Ink motorcycle advocates visit Danbury shop
Melissa Bruen, Staff Writer
Published: 10:56 p.m., Friday, April 9, 2010

Justin Hendelman of Brooklyn, N.Y, a tattoo artist brought in by Rescue Ink, looks over the location for the tattoo that Luke Robinson of Texas will receive at The Iron Butterfly tattoo parlor. Luke Robinson is walking from Texas to Boston to raise awareness about cancer in dogs. Owner Annette Mathews and Rescue Ink cast member Big Ant, of Brooklyn, N.Y. watch. The cast of the National Geographic reality TV show “Rescue Ink” was at the Irony Butterfly, a Danbury tattoo parlor. The show is about a group of heavily tattooed motorcycle riders who work to fight animal abuse and neglect through action, education and advocacy. Tuesday, April 6, 2010 Photo: Scott Mullin / The News-Times Freelance

Luke Robinson of Texas discusses a tattoo with Justin Hendelman of Brooklyn, N.Y., a tattoo artist brought in by Rescue Ink. Luke Robinson is walking from Texas to Boston to raise awareness about cancer in dogs. Watching in the background from left are Rescue Ink cast members Big Ant, of Brooklyn, N.Y., Joe Panz and Steve D., both of Queens, N.Y.
Photo: Scott Mullin / The News-Times Freelance

Rescue Ink cast members Joe Panz of Queens, N.Y., Big Ant of Brooklyn, N.Y. and Steve D. of Queens, chat with Iron Butterfly tattoo parlor owner Annette Mathews. Photo: Scott Mullin / The News-Times Freelance

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