Monday, April 12, 2010


Luke, Hudson, and Murphy have recently been joined by actress Megan Blake and her dog Smiley. Megan met Luke at an event they both attended while in New York City. Herself an advocate for animals, Megan was so taken by The Boys’ journey that she wanted to see firsthand what life on the road was like and help spread the word through her own community about canine cancer and comparative oncology. And so she's donned her own knapsack, and she and Smiley are accompanying The Boys for about a week. It will be a new experience for Luke, since taking to the road two years ago he’s never been accompanied for any length of time by another hiker — besides his dogs. We'll keep you posted on how they're doing. For video updates check out their page on Facebook: "Megan and Luke."

Smiley flew into Newark Airport (and traveled in style in Continental Airline's Petsafe van) and was picked up by friends Robbin and Kerry McKnight at dark-thirty. Megan, Luke, and The Boys would catch up with Smiley later. (Pictured is Robbin with Smiley.)


Dave Gould said...

Awesome!!! I wondered who those two were with the dogs. I saw you this morning in Branford, CT and looked you up. Keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

I have to give Megan a lot of marks for her courage! It can't be easy to go on the road with those guys. I am 100% possitive that Luke will take good care of her and I look forward to hear all about their trip. I am enjoying the short video clips. Amazing how Megan can look so pretty after sleeping in a tent!!!! Love, Patty Gartmann