Friday, April 9, 2010

Great News About Memorial Shirt 6!

All the names on Memorial Shirt 6 will appear in Luke’s forthcoming book!

As many of you know, Luke wears a special memorial shirt that bares the names of all the dogs (and, yes, even a couple of cats) who walk with him in Spirit, having lost their lives to cancer. These are Luke’s Angels. They inspire and fuel his passion, and keep him moving down the road. What started out as a small list of names has grown into hundreds. With each new shirt, the new names have been added, the numbers have grown, and Luke’s determination and commitment have been renewed. Each name is truly a source of inspiration to him.

Dedicating a donation to appear on Memorial Shirt 6 is a wonderful way to honor a beloved animal who will keep Luke, Hudson, and Murphy company for the rest of their journey, help support and sustain the Walk, and live on in Luke's book.

If you or someone you know would like to add a dog’s name to Memorial Shirt 6, please follow this link. Make sure to tell us the name of the dog the memorial is made to.

The deadline for submissions is APRIL 18th.

Thank you and puppy up!


Anonymous said...

Our dog's name is on shirt #5 but I've never seen anything about purchasing it. I've checked the puppy up store a few times but haven't seen it. Will it be available to order?

Anonymous said...

Yes, the shirt will be available to order as soon as we've finished collecting names for the final Memorial Shirt. Please check back here to the blog for information on ordering shirt 6.