Thursday, April 15, 2010

Get Involved. Make a Difference. Puppy Up!

Newtown, CT 2 dogs video: Check out this terrific video of the Puppy Up! Walk in Newtown, CT organized by our good friend Jodi Bailik. The Walk was video taped, directed and produced by Marleen and Bill Caferelli of Video Art Works. Thanks to everyone for their hard work. It was a beautiful day and a great success.

You too can be involved in a walk just like this one. Come join us June 19th for Luke, Hudson, and Murphy's historic Final Mile walk into Boston. Celebrate the end of over 2 years and more than 2300 miles – participate in the memorial service for those lost to or still fighting cancer, enjoy a day of activities and entertainment at the Puppy Up! Festival, and then join us for a very special night of celebration and remembrance, delicious food and drink, musical entertainment, stories from the road, and live and silent auctions at the Puppy Up! Gala at the Fairmont Copley. A full day of celebrations as we welcome Luke and The Boys back home.

Then help us launch the start of 2 Million Dogs by organizing a Puppy Up! Walk in your own town. Walks like the one in Newtown will be springing up all over the country with the launch of 2 Million Dogs and you can be one of the first to organize a Puppy Up! Chapter and Walk in your neighborhood or city. For further information, contact Ginger at:
Just like Luke, Hudson, and Murphy, every one of us can make a difference!

For more information about the Boston events and to register to attend, please follow this link.

Click here to learn more about 2 Million Dogs and to pledge YOUR dog to walk for hope.

Can't come to Boston but want to help? Please consider donating something for the live or silent auctions or become a supporting sponsor.

For information on donating

For more on becoming a sponsor (we have many levels and all sponsorships help!)

Remember, we're a 501c3 organization and donations are tax deductible.

Get Involved. You can make a difference. Puppy Up!

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