Monday, April 5, 2010

Almost Home!

It's been over two years and more than 2200 miles, but they're almost there. Luke sent this photo on April 5th and said, "The Last Highway - this is the road we'll take all the way to Boston."

Well, you'll hear no complaints from Hudson and Murphy -- smiling at the idea of home!

Luke and The Boys recently hit Route 1 in Connecticut, the last major highway they’ll be taking all the way in to Boston. Well, there will certainly be some side trips, but they're entering the home stretch. I think the look in Hudson and Murphy’s eyes tell it all … “We’re ready for that nice king-sized bed we talked about at the beginning of the walk, Papi.”

To really grasp the enormity of the Walk and how far the three have come, you need to look at the map and see where they have been and how close to home they are. Still, the map is pretty simplistic in its rendering of everything The Boys have done in just a little over two years – hundreds of events with universities and grade schools and rescues and shelters, and meet and greets, and interviews, and birthdays on the road, and scores of host homes and wonderful new families, and meeting mayors and congressmen, and river crossings, walking through the Appalachians, meeting in DC, caroling in New York City, appearing on The Today Show and filming with Animal Planet, camping on trails, tenting in the woods and by the road, in churchyards and back yards, and snuggles in the tent when it was scorching hot or freezing cold. Yes, the weather! And the bugs -- spiders and ticks and mosquitoes. (Did I mention ticks?) And the fairly odd people and their even odder questions … “Are you homeless” ... “Are you dead” ... and of course “Whatcha ya doin’ on MY highway, Boy?”

They have survived it all and made thousands of friends and supporters along the way. And to think -- this is just the beginning of the journey!

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Anonymous said...

OK! So this is the HOME STRETCH!!
It must feel so wonderful to see the end of your journey in sight.....also exciting and perhaps overwhelming.
I know that the excitement for the big finale and celebration is building by the day for all of thepeople supporting you and following your journey!
It will be a honor to celebrate your reaching HOME with you and learning all about the next phase and how we can be part of that as well.
Love, Patty Gartmann