Sunday, May 17, 2009

Walking Plan

My team has finalized the dates and destinations for the remainder of the walk (Read - they've given me my marching orders) Love you guys!

Some of these, like DC are hard dates, the others 'ish'ish. We're planning a march across the Potomac to Capitol Hill on September 18th to talk to legislators about committing more funding to comparative oncological studies. Some of that trillion dollars should go to canine cancer, don't you think?

Since we've made some changes to our route and it's a tad different from our map - I'll try & update that soon. If your city isn't on our route, the cool thing about walking through New England is everything is two hoots & a holler away. Contact for event information.

Pittsburgh PA -June 30th
Leesburg VA -September firstish
Washington DC -September 18
Baltimore MD -End of September
Harrisburg PA -Mid October
Allentown PA -Early November
Philedelphia PA -Thanksgiving
New York City NY -Christmas Week
Hartford CT -February
Providence RI -April
Boston MA -Mid May

Since we'll be on the road for another year, we've got to take some time off for maintenance. My Osprey pack needs some repairs & that'll take a couple of weeks. Secondly and perhaps most importantly, Hudson is getting snipped.

All of us have been waiting for the opportunity to present itself and it has now. I know I've explained why Hudson's still intact ad nauseum and I apologize for the repeat but as I volunteer at animal shelters, the reason is important. When Malcolm was diagnosed with cancer I regretted having him neutered. I had this romantic notion that after we crossed the country, I'd sire Hudson out and continue his line and legacy. But after spending so many hours in shelters and meeting so many awesome dogs that need good homes, I'm a changed man. Kinda like Hudson next week!

While all of that takes place, I'm going back to Texas to see my mother who has Alzheimers. I try to call her every Sunday and when we talk she always asks when I'll be home. "Next week, Mom" is how I answer and I'm happy that'll be true this time. I'll also get to meet my new niece, Sarah Elizabeth, who was born last November.


Stacey said...

We are VERY excited to welcome you to New England! Happy birthday to Murphy this weekend!

Kate / @fancychickens said...

Happy Almost Murphday!

Dee said...

Hey, guys, so glad you're taking a bit of time off. We'll see you in September. Be well.

Woofs & wags,
Dee, Cody & Murphy

TourBuggie said...

Enjoy some much need time off. we are looking forward to your journey thru New England and can't wait to walk with you in the Spring.

Dot Drobney said...

We'll see you in Connecticut in the middle of the winter! You'll be passing very close to my home, so I'll be sure to volunteer to find a place for you and the boys to stay!

Linda said...

So glad to hear you're taking some time for yourself to relax and kick back. Also glad to hear Murphy's getting neutered. There are so many wonderful animals that already need homes. I hope you have a nice visit with your mom and family. God bless and take care.

Linda :-)

LiveWorkDream said...

Keep on keepin' on, friend.