Friday, May 15, 2009

Thank God for Rudy Greens!

Back in Somerset Ohio Murphy took ill. He must've gotten into something he shouldn't have which is not surprising since he's a stomach on four legs. He awoke me at 5am trying to get out of our tent to vomit.

Several days later he still was a little gacky and I made the decision to put him on a strict diet to clean out his system. Thank God one of our supporters is Karla Haas, CEO of Rudy Greens! She delivered a case of her awesome frozen meals for Murphy and in no time, he was back in full form and ready to return to the road..

I've had the great benefit of meeting and talking with many thought leaders in the animal community and veterinarian oncologists, too and without exception all believe that nutrition plays a key role in canine cancer. An all natural diet will be increasingly essential for keeping your dogs cancer free and Rudy Greens food fits the bill.

Thanks for caring for Murphy, Karla, and treating him as he was your own!

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