Monday, May 11, 2009

Recipe for Migas

Sometimes I make Migas for the host families we stay with but unless you're from Texas like me, chances are you have no idea what Migas is or even how to pronounce it (Me-Gahz). It's a traditional Mexican breakfast made from leftovers so there are tons of different ways you can make Migas but here's my recipe:

Take a coupla tortillas & tear them into strips. Fry them in oil with some minced garlic until they start to look a little like George Hamilton. Add a half dozen eggs or so & a can of Rotel. I season it with cumin and cayenne pepper or if you really want some heat, throw in some jalapenos. Cumin is a must though.

About cheese. You can use cheddar but come on, Jack's the cheese of choice with Migas. Monterey is fine but Pepper Jack kicks it up a notch.

Now, when I made Mommy's Day Migas yesterday the host family didn't have tortillas BUT they had Tostitos Multigrain Chips. I added them at the tail end and I must admit they worked just fine. I think Migas actually means crumbs (like leftover tortilla scraps) - how appropriate!


Anonymous said...

I've made your breakfast tacos several times since you and the boys stayed with us and I'm hopelessly addicted to them! I've even started playing around with the ingredients, adding different things and having them for dinner too! Yummy goodness!


Marilyn Sue said...

Sheesh, you found Ro-Tel in the Midwest? When you swing back to San Antonio, I will take you to Aguas Calientes Taqueria. I just call it "the migas place." They make them with white or yellow cheese and the cogniscenti ask for for homemade corn tortillas.,-98.528882&sspn=0.150453,0.208849&latlng=29674153,-98522065,17109814129232063459

Having a bad day here. My dog had surgery last week, I got a dx of Stage 1+ Mast Cell for her today & THEN she got bitten in a dog fight. Hoping for clear days, breezes & and a kindly sun as you make your way to Boston.

dawnzer said...

Fritos will also work in a pinch. ;)

Doggie Academy said...

Migas are one of the highlights of our annual trip to Austin for ACL. I could eat them everyday (which is probably why I gain 5 lbs that week).