Friday, May 8, 2009

Prankin' Papi

There's something going on, some secret plan, some mysterious plot, some hush-hush caper unfolding between Hudson and Murphy concerning Luke. Murphy has taken the tweeter-thingie away from Hudson because he was about to spill the beans all over the Internet. Murphy is planning to prank Papi and Hudson is practically bursting at the seams to give it all away. He's been tweeting about "a stricket" (that's Hudsoneese for 'secret') and Murphy made him surrender the tweeter and "back away" before he blows the whole thing because they know their Papi reads their tweets on the QT. All I know about it (Murphy's keeping this pretty close to his chest) is that all will be revealed tomorrow afternoon on Twitter. Hudson did tell me we should follow their tweets tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon if we wanted to find out what they were up to. But that's all I could get out of him before Murphy confiscated the tweeter-thingie.

So check them out at: HudsonandMurphy!

And if Hudson does blab before tomorrow, well – just try and keep it to yourself.

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