Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Argh! TICKS!

We're in Eastern Ohio right now about 100 miles outside of Pittsburgh suffering from one of the worse tick seasons in anyone's reckoning. Hudson & Murphy are tagged by 10-20 a day. It's so bad that they crawl on the mesh trying to get into our tent. In the south we have fire ants and I'm really starting to miss them!

Dealing with ticks has become a big part of our daily routine so I'm kind of a pro now in removing them. I just came across this great blog at Dogster and wanted to share it with you. However the absolute key in pulling ticks out alive and with the head intact is keeping the the tweezers horizontal to the plane of the skin. Essentially, you’re backing it out - not pulling up. Hope this helps!


Anders said...

Great post, Big Dog and thanks for linking back to Dogster's article. If you in any way can get your hands on one of these tools that I mention here, you'll be in good shape. I totally understand the time consumption of removing several a day, and this will save time and frustration.

Keep on trekking!

Susan who? said...

Here in the south, we also now have ZOMBIE fire ants. It's no joke. You have to cut off their heads to kill them. It was just on the news. BE AFRAID!