Sunday, August 22, 2010

Murphy's Radiation Treatments Finished

And CSU gave him a green bandana that says something about hugging him because he just finished radiation there. That's sweet but I thought rather it should say: "I got zapped by lasers & all I got was this lousy bandana."

It's still a little too early to tell how he's doing. Last week was tough on him as the cumulative effects of daily doses and general anesthesia took its toll. He's still a little lethargic but after a week of GI distress, Murphy seems to be improving. I've been regulating his diet with drill sergeant discipline.

So what now? The full impact of radiation therapy isn't fully evident for four months his radiation oncologist says and so now we wait. At that point Murphy will get another CT scan and if the tumor hasn't been completely irradicated we have two choices. Hopefully it'll be small enough and located in an area that the residual tissue can be surgically removed. Otherwise, more radiation. Either way, looks like we'll be spending Christmas in Colorado.

Between now and then, the biggest side effect Murphy faces is damage to the inside of his mouth, more specifically a hole forming on his hard palate. As of Friday, the redness and irritation rated a 1-2 out of a scale of 4 and we'll have to keep a constant watch for more extensive tissue damage.

This is the place to get a thorough update but you can get the abridged version on either Facebook or Twitter.

The cost of Murphy's care at CSU amounted to $5,400 and we raised $4,700 in donations. The bill's been paid in total but if you'd still like to help out just click on the Donations Button nearby.

Thank you to everyone who made contributions and afforded Murphy the best care available.


nanarosiew said...

After what you and your boys accomplished to bring awareness to canine cancer and now including comparative study is above and beyond. Now Murphy and you are in a fight against the big "C". Murphy is a hero and deserves only the best and your supporters know that. Now, we all wait with you. If not by your side then in spirit.

Chuckles said...

Murphy, you have a friend in spirit and fighting the same battle that you are. My Mac Duff is a 9 year old West Highland White Terrier and the day before Thanksgiving, he was diagnosed with inoperable nasal cancer. In order to insure him the best quality of life possible, it was decided that he'd receive palliative radiation treatments at the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary Hospital under the care of Dr. Duda and all her staff including Stephanie Corsi. He finished his treatments in 02/10. There are no exact expected times or progression I an told, so I've no idea how long "My Angel With Fur" has, but consider each day a blessing. I'm disabled and have been so ill and undergoing my own treatments, hospitalizations and surgeries for about 10 years. The only reason I'm still alive is because of my MaccDuff. We've both been compared as being similar in our desire to live and not give up. We're fighters and I feel it is true because where there's life there's hope. He loves playing with his purple ball, no matter what the weather or temperature. I think it's his favorite toy in part because we play with it together. Mac Duff has and will always be the best companion one could ever desire. So Murohy, we are senging you some AWestie MoJo so you can be all that you can be.
God bless you and your whole clan! Peace, love and licks, Mac Duff

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