Saturday, August 7, 2010

Don't know how to entitle this blog

Recently I received some comments to my blog 'Donations for Murphy' that someone tried to post 'Anonymously'. I rejected them at first but when I got this yesterday, well, it just needed to be dealt with. Here's their comment and my response:

"At this point, our organization is going to have to drop support of your cause - all we asked for was transparency and in return our comments are not being published and it makes the whole thing look shady."

So what is it you want me to be transparent about?

About Murphy's cancer? Well as much as I wish I'm faking his diagnosis you're more than welcome to contact CSU & find out if he's a patient. Not sure if they'll disclose much more than that but I did post a 3D rendering of the tumor in his head and also a photo of blood seeping out of his nose after a radiation treatment. Or maybe you think I photoshoped those?

Reporting of donations? I made a decision to setup a Paypal account only and not use ChipIn or Click and Pledge because I thought that would be sufficient and save time and money. Whether that was the right decision is irrelevant because the transparency you seem so intent on, they cannot provide.

While ChipIn can report the exact amount of donations, What it won't tell you is how I use that money. For all you know I could be spending it on hookers and heroin... or the pony I always wanted as a child. Season tickets to the Patriots wouldn't be bad either.

Or the money could be going towards the care of Murphy.

You need a history lesson - it took me a week to ask for donations in part because I really didn't want to ask all of the wonderful ppl who supported the walk to give more of themselves. It still bothers me but that's my own limitation as a person.

The only thing 'shady' here is people like you who feel they can make accusations and try to impugn one's character without repercussions because you do so behind the veil of anonymity. You could've posted these criticisms on my Facebook page where I have thousands of supporters but that'd mean you'd have to reveal yourself and your organization. What you would've found there is lots of folks who asked and wanted to donate.

You didn't because you're a coward and you lack the courage of your convictions. If'n when you ever have the stones to accuse me to my face - my cell is 901.674.9621. Or we're at CSU every weekday at 7:50AM for the next three weeks.

Or you can contact Ginger Morgan. Though if I was you, I'd give it a week because when I shared your comments with her, her words were, "You broke the last bit of elastic in her big girl panties and now you're going to see some ass". Her words not mine & I'm not sure I really understand what that means but it scares me... It should scare you, too.


Dogmom Diva said...

Wow, that is just sad Luke..Just think of all the supporters that do love you and the boys..and I wouldn't want to mess with Ginger!
Take care and lots of Love!

hugs to all and prayers,

Scout 'n Freyja said...

Don't worry about this. Sounds to me like a scam of some sort. ANY comment that is posted anonymously is to be considered suspect. Don't think twice about this and just concentrate on darling Murphy and his return to health.

Raising Addie said...

We are just heart broken to read that Murphy has Cancer. We will be praying for him to pull through this. We know you have a long road ahead with treatments but know that you have a ton of people to lean on. Please give both pups a BIG hug from us pups here in Fort Worth.

We don't understand why this anonymous poster would make an accusation like this anonymously. To us that is the lowest form of communication. Regardless of who it is, you don't need their support. No good organization would contact you through an anonymous blog post with such information. They should re-evaluate how they do business.

Lots of Luv & Kisses
Addie, Lucie and Hailey

Annie B. said...

So sad, like you don't have enough to deal with. Courage up, it helps so many who just read your adventures, both happy and sad. Remember, it's not what you do so much as why you do it. As far as I can see, all you do for your family and your paws, is for love. No higher goal can any of us hope for!

Thanks, AuntiePaws

PS: you don't have to post this but I clicked on "donations" at the bottom of this page and the url couldn't be found. Might want to check it out.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry there are such people taking that type of attitude at such a difficult time for you, Hudson & especially Murphy.
I like your response to them.
Please know I keep all of you in my prayers. I pray you strength, comfort, healing (for Murphy as well as yourself) & peace.
Puppy Up!
HUGS to all.

Trish said...

I don't have any words for those accusations either. Suffice it to say, that I wish you were making up Murphy's cancer and spending the money on beer, poker, or whatever. Know that your real supporters out there know the truth, and baseless allegations like the one you just had to refute are asinine and no one is listening to them.

My husband, my dog, and I are pulling for you and Murphy, and hope that this terrible chapter in your lives is short and ends with an unqualified victory.

Anonymous said...

god i wish i knew who said this to you....i have been faithfully buying the products of the people who supported your walk because they were supporting you and the face you were giving to canine cancer -- and because of this - i am going to have to think twice....

sure you cant tell us who?

heather in NJ

A View from the Drivers Seat said...

It is unfortunate that they even chose to post a comment. Everyone has the right to make the best choices for their own personal situation, but to question your current situation is uncalled for. We stand behind you and the boys. That is really all that matters. We are glad you gave us a way to help, since many of us, including me, asked for that chance before you ever said a word!

Megs said...

ooh a pony? really? lol. clearly someone has a case of the resentfuls. I've been following your blog since becoming buddies with you and my partner, his daughter and our two furkids follow your blogs as well as your fb updates with prayers and gratitude that there's someone out there like yourself who is willing to go the extra mile and actually put their footprints where their mouth is!!

Please don't let this get to you. You've been nothing but transparent and you haven't demanded or begged for money. Those who are supporting you and Murph financially are doing so as they're able.

All the person has done in this case is just show themselves up (anonymously or otherwise) for their petty behaviour during a time when you don't need grief but support.

lots of love, prayers, head-bumps, rumble-purrs and supportive woofs from our littlest fur-kid, Meg, Blake, Rhiannon, Fuji-Moo and Nelly-Belly.