Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Halfway Through Murphy's Radiation Treatments

We're more than halfway through the 18 radiation doses now. It's been hard for me to evaluate his condition without reference points. Murphy's continual congestion has been the source of some sleepless nights - I just don't want him to be uncomfortable

But today I met a Collie that received three massive doses of radiation for nasal cancer last November and not only had she lost the hair on her snout, she now has a sizable hole in her palate. By fractioning Murphy's doses over 18, the radiation oncology, Dr. LaRue, feels confident the long-term effects will be less drastic.

Only a few years ago, before IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy) that uses 3D imaging to make precise adjustments to the location and intensity of radiation, in the words of one of the technicians, 'dogs looked like they had a perpetual sunburn'. I filmed Dr. LaRue going over Murphy's radiation plan with my Sony Digicam and had hoped to post it here but I'm having conversion issues. If you want to learn more about the cutting edge technology at CSU called the Varian Trilogy, here's the link.

It's because of advancements to veterinary medicine and generous donors that have made it possible for Murphy to undergo a less intensive treatment plan. Total donations raised through Paypal: $3,700 Checks: $900. Plus one pony & a couple of spare pairs of big girl panties for Mommy G.

Thank you everyone for your generosity and more importantly the emotional and spiritual support.

Postscript - healing prayers for the Collie


Scout 'n Freyja said...

It always feels so good to reach the half way point. After that it feels like you are sliding down hill and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Take a deep breath, hold tight you and your dear friend are on your way to the end of the treatments and the beginning of life.

Anonymous said...

Sending you and Murphy big cheers of encouragement because even though you are halfway through this challenge, the finish line must still seem so far away to you! So hang in there and keep doing all of the amazing things you are doing, especially giving Murphy the hugs and love he needs to finish this chapter of your journey! Please take care of yourself and know that good vibes and many prayers for strength, comfort, healing and peace are being sent your way for the second half of treatments! Blessings to all of you...!

Chuckles said...

Hello and God Bless All Of You!
I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of Vitamin K aiding in the reduction of blood to feed the tumor and/or the use of the aged old gift to the baby Jesus of frankinsense to be used on the afflicted area of the cancer? My dog's groomer is very into holistic medicine along with the modern traditional medical miracles and wonders of today. But she is really into the feeding of pure foods that are free of pesticides and hormones and other things that are truly poisins release free radicals and other toxins which some feel is part of the building block of cancer cells not only in dogs, but cats--and what's more---people too. I also use a vitamin supplement Nu Vet Plus K-9. These have all given my Mac Duff added strength and vigor besides a much healthier diet and this even includes his treats!