Monday, August 2, 2010

Donations for Murphy

The outpouring of love and support has been heartfelt and helped us get through a few dark nights last week. Lots of you have sent requests to make donations and we're going to need it over the coming weeks. I've held off until we had a better handle on what we're dealing with and now that we got the biopsy results back last Thursday.

The estimated total cost of care for his adenocarcinoma is going to be around $6,000: $1,400 of which was for the initial CT scan and the balance for 18-20 doses of radiation. Any amount you could pitch in would be a tremendous help as this couldn't have come at a worst time (doesn't it always?). Boston was barely more than a month ago and I've been working on things in the background to provide an income for myself but just didn't have enough tarmac to launch them before this all happened.

I've opened a Paypal account which seems to be the most common way to do this but you can also send a check in c/o Ginger Morgan at 1902 Evelyn Ave Memphis 38114

In lieu of using ChipIn (which requires a Paypal account) I'll try to post donations daily so that everyone knows where we're at.

Donations received as of August 3rd: $1,400
Total Donations as of August 4th from 65 people: $2,250

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information! Please let us know how the fundraising is going! You made it so easy! I just donated! Any thought to selling swag such as tee shirts or bracelets for fundraising? Just a thought! Thoughts, prayers and good thoughts are coming your way! Hugs to Murphy and blessings to all of you! Keep fighting Murph!

Anonymous said...

great video - where is the music from?

Anonymous said...

Paypal is fighting me about this.idk why.I hate to mail a check but if all else fails its a good fall back plan. I'll repost and hope to open hearts and wallets for the dog and his human who have made great strides to save other dogs fighting cancer,only to be shockingly stricken with the same evil you battle for others.
Big fuzzy hugs from Kelley and Packer

Marcia S said...

Who should checks be made payable to?

Anonymous said...

At this point, our organization is going to have to drop support of your cause - all we asked for was transparency and in return our comments are not being published and it makes the whole thing look shady.