Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Word About the March on DC from Yer Big Dog

Yesterday I walked the actual DC route and it's powerful and humbling both the historical significance and the breathtaking beauty.

When we walk together this Friday the 18th, we'll cross the Potomac River, pass the Lincoln Memorial, stroll alongside the Reflecting Pool to the Washington Monument, and assemble just across 15th street on a raised grassy area, the Folk Festival Site, where we can see Capitol Hill and God willing, they can see us, too.

There's a good chance of rain on Friday but we'll walk anyway. The whole area is under construction and traffic will probably be horrific. It's a Jewish holiday, too, that evening. I don't think I could've possibly picked a more problematic place and time for this march on DC.

And yet people are traveling all across the country to participate - from Dallas to Boulder to Bowling Green to Cincinatti to Pittsburgh


Anonymous said...

Problematic perhaps -- but as you recently said, "We have to have the courage to be inconvenienced." Cancer is one of the most horrific of diseases. The people who are coming to this event, the people who wish they could come but can't, yet support 2Dogs in other ways, all the people you have met along the way, and all the people you are destined to meet in the months and years to come -- they are used to "problematic" because they have struggled with the scourge of cancer. Every person who will be with you in DC represents the hundreds, if not thousands, of people who stand by you, Hudson, and Murphy in Spirit. Thank you, and all the people who work with you, for leading the charge, taking the initiative, and inspiring others. DC is just the beginning!

Joanne Silverman said...

It is exciting times in the world of canine cancer awareness. Looking forward to the walk !

Jim and Rene (And Spirit Jerry) said...

Wish we could be there! You may just be met by the Tripawds contingency since we've been spreading the word in our Discussion forums and Jerry's blog.

Melissa (& Sadie - deaf border collie mix) said...

Just tweeted about your march. Hope you get more marchers in DC. Sadie and I are following you and are so moved by all you are doing for our wonderful dogs. Thank you!