Friday, September 11, 2009

Luke and Rusty

Here is Rusty, one of the everythingandthedog family, with his newest and bestest friend, Luke. Rusty is trying to convince Luke that he could fit into Luke's back-pack and join him on this final leg of their journey.

It might be true that he would fit (and at 17 pounds, he doesn't weigh very much), but Rusty probably wouldn't like the life of a camper. According to Rusty's family, he's pretty spoiled and likes his own little bed at night with all of his very special blankies arranged just so.

Our friend Bob the Bloginating Pit Bull puts it this way: "Whereas we have had a wonderful time with Mr. Luke staying in our home this week, I think that he will need to leave the Rusty-Man behind when he leaves. Rusty has his Puppy Up T-Shirt, as you can see, and he'll make sure he continues to spread the word about Luke, Hudson, Murphy and the wonderful work that they are doing.

Tomorrow (Saturday, September 12th) is the big Dog Swim at Ida Lee and the Charity Dog Wash at Bark n' Bubbles in Ashburn, VA., so there are still lots of great events to attend so that you can meet Luke and da'Boys. I'll be at the events tomorrow in my own Puppy Up shirt, but Rusty will need to stay here. I would just be too sad for words if he snuck off with Mr. Luke.

Love and Licks,


Thanks to everyone at everythingandthe dog for making The Boys' stay a memorable one!

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