Saturday, September 19, 2009

Final Calendar Totals for the 2010 Cancer Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down Calendar

Congratulations to our top 13 winners of the 2010 Cancer Can’t Keep A Good Dog Down Calendar Contest and a sincere thank you to all who made this an exciting contest. And of course a special thank you to all the beautiful dogs who took part! Remember, every dog's photo will appear in the calendar.

Below is the list of the final totals. Thank you all for your patience in waiting while we double and triple checked our figures.

Emails have already gone out to the three universities receiving a percentage of the donations for their veterinary oncology programs informing them of the resounding success of this year’s calendar, thanks to all of you.

I will be sending the top 13 contestants emails within the next couple of days asking them where on the calendar they want their dog. Please have a preference and two alternative selections in mind. We have the cover and 12 months to fill. Also, if you submitted a photo that was less than 1MB, please look through all your photos for potential 1Meg or greater photos we can use. We will be talking with our calendar artist later in the week and he will be able to provide more specific details. But if your photo was less than 1MB, please be looking. The quality of photo reproduction on the calendar depends on the highest possible resolution (>MB) photo you can provide us.

Thank you all again for your participation, enthusiasm, patience, and generosity.

Congratulations again to our top 13 finalists and thanks most sincerely to ALL the beautiful dogs and heartwarming stories you shared with us!

Puppy Up!
Luke, Ginger, & Erich

1. Lucie G 1255
2. Tigger S 835
3. Abby T 787
4. Maggie S 780
5. Lexie E 759
6. Lucy R 735
7. Bandit C 663
8. Trouble A 660
9. Solar H 646
10. Katie H 642
11. Moses R 641
12. Casey C 617
13. Bailey F 614

Rocky T 610
Beardog C 586
Mini A 541
Becca W 507
Buddy M 496
Odessa F 417
Maddie M 381
Chase R 296
Abby G 240
Buddy B 236
Thunder S 221
Chance L 219
Dozer T 180
Fera P 175
Bear L 146
Huckleberry T 141
Gracie O 129
Brother C 100
Marley R 86
Willie G 80
Daisy L 73
Mali P 73
Jake C 68
Biscuit C 67
Sena G 65
Bella S 63
Harvey B 63
Barney M 62
Charlie O 60
Floppy L 59
Albion L 55
Humphrey N 53
Meggie T 52
Emmett W 51
Kraemer A 49
Lily F 47
Treynor Z 46
Keno H 45
Mack H 43
Sage A 41
Sebastian C 41
Murphy S 36
Chico L 35
Gryphon R 34
Woof D 31
Cheyenne S 30
Jessica M 30
Darcy L 25
Annie G 24
Turbo S 21
Trouble H 20
Lily L 19
Jake L 15
Keyeagan D 14
Kipper A 14
Lady A 14
Skye A 9
Grusa A 8
Kelly Lyn A 8
Nova Z 8
Koda W 6
Sophie F 6
Alyce and Moose C 5
Baxter M 5
Brewster R 5
Buglet B 5
Cupcake N 5
Delaney B 5
Duke H 5
Gambit H 5
Henry S 5
Hope M 5
Huck R 5
KC S 5
Kobe H 5
Kobie A 5
Max S 5
Meatball M 5
Ollie L 5
Roc S 5
Rudi H 5
Schultz C 5
Shilo M 5
Sophie A 5
Trance B 5
Wooley B 5


Anonymous said...

Thanks for changing the 'totals' URL.
I'm sure everyone will be thrilled to find they have to return to every blog and forum where the original was posted and make a change.

Thanks again,
Trouble A 's Dad.

Uncle Big Dog said...

This wasn't Erich's fault. Or anyone's for that matter. The OP was corrupted for some reason & had to be deleted. We are very sorry for the inconviences it may have caused some people.

Anonymous said...

Things happen, I think everyone understands. Does anyone every remember when there wasn't a computer glitch? Oh yeah the '80s.

Anonymous said...

GReat work 'ET' for being 'computer central' during both the DC March and the Calendar voting. Thank you for a job well done..!!
Lucy R's mom and dad

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all your hard work in putting together the contest that will benefit so many dogs.
Katie H's mom

Christie Meyer said...

I am with the North American Dutch Shepherd Rescue. We are trying to set up a similiar voting process and wondered if you could help with suggestions on software or a site to use. I would greatly appreciate any feedback.
Thank you,
Christie Meyer