Monday, December 2, 2013

The Stag

Tonight I bleat, I bay; my hooves I beat
  Under the rutting moon.

Autumn awakened my ancient beast 
  Unto the rutting moon. 

I clash and thrash; my rack defeats
  And reddens the rutting moon.

Fair fillies all shall fear; tonight I feast
  Beneath the rutting moon.

My savage silenced, I return to peace
  And await the rutting moon.

YBDs notes 1: Ed thinks that while my appearance is reminiscent of Walt Whitman, my poem isn't.  I was deeply inspired by the incredible encounter last night and spent a few minutes putting it to verse.  And perhaps it's why I chose this time to fast. 

YBDs notes 2: Or I may just be gettin ready for an audition on duck dynasty...

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