Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Day 35: 2nd Path Lab Results

Like I talked about on Day 16, I've been awaiting on the results of the additional prognostic and proliferation tests and today I finally got the path report.  

I took a pic of it with the ole trusty I-Phone and if you can't read the image, basically it's damn good news 

My decision is no chemo as I feel the potential downside exceeds any preventative or prophylactic benefit.  

Delivered on the eve of my planned departure, I can leave tomorrow to head back up to New England in good conscience and positive spirits.  


hiStories of Life said...

dearest Luke,

I have been following the story on Hudsy and sorry I haven't taken the moment to post/respond etc but you guys are always in my thoughts. This is very good news about Hudson. Mom and Dave ask about you often and said if you are ever back up in Maine to come visit. I will be traveling up there over the holidays. Maybe we can all get together again some day. Until then, love to you and the pups and I'm very happy to hear the news about Hudson.

Merry Christmas xoxo Kathleen

hiStories of Life said...

dearest luke, Hudson and Indy,

I wanted you to know that my family and I think of you guys often and wish you all the very merriest of Christmases. I am very happy to hear the good news about Hudson and if you are going to be in New England for a while, would love to see you. Mom and Dave ask about you often so if you are ever up near Portland, feel free to stop by!

Merry Christmas! xoxo Kathleen