Thursday, December 16, 2010

PET Scan

These videos are from my consult with the radiation oncology team at CSU this morning. The news was devastating even though I felt something was wrong a few weeks back. I haven't watched them and don't know if the dialogue is audible. I'll try to post later tonite to let everyone know where we're at but I just don't have the strength for explanation and elaboration right now. All I want is to be with my boy


Anonymous said...

Dear Luke:
It is very brave of you to share this information with us. By doing so you make what Murphy has been struggling with so very real to all of us who have not been able to be with him. It is also educational and a reminder of the urgency to find medicines and cures for well as preventive measures. My heart is heavy and my thoughts and prayers continually come back to you and Murphy. While we CANNOT comprehend why the Lord would allow this to happen the Bible tells us that he does all things for good for those that are His. Please trust in God's wisdom over your own. Murphy has touched the lives of so MANY people all over the country. His life was and is full of purpose. Be strong for Muphy and love him through whatever follows. These are the thoughts that ran through my mind after watching this post.
Thank you for sharing.
You are held in the hearts of many.
Love, Patty Gartmann

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry Luke. Lots of prayers coming your way.

Rene, Jim, Wyatt & Spirit Jerry said...

Luke, take your time, you don't need to post anything if you're not up to it. Just know that we're all here thinking of you. Hugs to you all.

Anonymous said...

Luke...I have no words. How you maintained your composure while watching those are strong for your boy. Please know there are thousands of people holding all three of you in prayers. Blessings on you all.

Anonymous said...

My heart breaks for you and your beloved Murphy, but I know you will make the right decision when it comes to his further treatment and care. You and The Boys are always in my thoughts.

Cheryl said...

Our hearts and prayers are with you and your family. We lost our Sambo early this Fall and it is still so hard, but at least he is not in pain and I know what happens, always for a reason. Hugs for you all.