Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Murphy Update

Murphy hasn't had a CT scan yet. Dr Withrow wanted to do a thorough physical first and during the exam he palpated a nodule in his lymph node which they aspirated. It's unlikely this type of cancer spreads to the lymph system but we want to be sure.

He also wanted to biopsy the tissue that Murphy sneezed up Sunday morning which can only be described as fleshy gray matter, pictured nearby (vy sorry for the graphic nature of the photo but welcome to my world). Is this the byproduct from radiation, debris from the destruction the cancer has caused in his nasal passage, or evidence of new tumor growth? We don't know yet.

On the upside, Murphy's blood work came back normal although he's slightly anemic, probably due to his nose bleeds, and his chest films were clear.

A CT scan is scheduled for Wednesday morning while we're awaiting the results of the lymph aspirate and the biopsy.

That's all I got right now...


CAT said...

Luke, If I could take this whole situation you are going through away from you I would do it....I don't even really know you and your buddies but,I've been there. I know that both you and your boys have good days and bad days. I hope more GOOD days are coming. I think all my gray hair came from having animals as my best friend. All my hugs go out to you!

Anonymous said...

Luke, you, Hudson , Murphy & all the health care team are in my prayers. I pray you strength, comfort, love & peace.
HUGS to all,

Anonymous said...

murphy/u doing well. lots of well wishes to u. u gonna make it. puppy-up. boston.