Monday, June 14, 2010

Boston News -- Less Than 15 Miles To Go!

Less than 15 miles to go until Luke and the Fuzzybutts arrive in Boston! The excitement is growing!

In This Issue

1. Where ARE they?
2. Wonderful Metal Dog Sculpture
3. Boston Puppy Up! Gala Info
4. Memorial Shirts

1. Where ARE They? If you're in the Boston area, you'll probably want to get out with your puppers and walk a mile or two with Luke, Hudson, and Murphy. They plan to walk today (Monday), Wednesday, and Friday. Luke will be posting exactly where they will be walking on Facebook. You can find their schedule by clicking here.

2. Wonderful Metal Dog Sculpture -- There will be a wonderful metal sculpture, donated by our great friends and supporters at Fetch a Cure, of a Memorial Dog at the Gala on Saturday night at the Fairmont Copley. We're inviting everyone who attends to add their dog's name to the sculpture with colored paint pens. (The sculpture stands about 3' high, so there is plenty of room to add names.) You can see others' previous art work of their own Pup Art statues here at the Fetch a Cure Site. We hope you'll be at the Copley to take part in this memorable and lasting tribute to your animals and the Walk.

3. Boston Puppy Up! Gala Info – Please come share the evening with us! With less than a week away, you can bet people are getting excited about The Boys' arrival in Boston and all the festivities surrounding that arrival. You can still register for the Gala at the Fairmont Copley, which includes cocktails, seated dinner, silent and live auctions, stories from the road, and of course a chance to spend the evening with our guests of honor, Luke, Hudson, and Murphy, and many of the friends and supporters they have made in the last 2300 miles. Registration will continue through the week, but Ginger tells me that after today we cannot guarantee seating. Like she says, "Make sure you order your tickets for the Gala soon to make sure you have a seat. You'll get to party with the "Big Dog" and the Fuzzybutts! And hear firsthand the answer to `What's Next?'" So please buy your Puppy Up! Gala tickets today. Click here to be taken to the registration page. We'll see you there!

4. Memorial Shirts – Ginger also wanted me to let you know that Memorial Shirt 6 is still available but orders may take 10 to 15 days to be filled. The shirts are great! A lasting memory of the amazing journey we have all taken with The Boys and a tribute to those dogs (yes, and a couple of cats too) who have been touched by cancer, and have walked with Luke, Hudson, and Murphy in spirit and kept them safe on their amazing journey. Please order here at our Puppy Up! Store.

News on the upcoming 2011 Cancer Can't Keep a Good Dog Down calendar contest soon. For information on how to enter, visit our blog here.

Puppy Up!

Erich & His 4 Pack

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