Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Seed of Australian Blushwood Tree Holds Much Potential

The seed of the Blushwood Tree in the north Queensland rainforests of Australia may hold a potential to cure cancer in animals. A natural chemical found in the tree, EBC-46, has been found to selectively kill aggressive cancer cells in animals.

In the video, Dr. Jane Miller, a veterinarian at the Newtown Veterinary Clinic in Victoria, Australia has used the substance, both topically and as an injection, on several of her patients with quite aggressive cancers and has had significant success. In some of her patients the tumors have been completely destroyed. Unlike conventional treatments such as chemo and radiation, EBC-46 seems to have no ill side-effects.

The same video goes on to interview Professor Nicolas Wilgren, head medical oncologist at Westmead Hospital in Sidney, Australia, who also sees promise in EBC-46.

In the online article, Victoria Gordon, of EcoBiotics, an Atherton Tableland-based company, said they hoped to go to human clinical trials later this year.

Dr Gordon said a single dose injection of the extract had been effective in 50 critically ill dogs and about a dozen cats and horses.

"This is proving to be something exceptional," she said.

EBC-46 will be available to Australian vets in the next couple of months.

From the on-line white paper from EcoBiotics we read, " EBC-46 is delivered locally in a single treatment by direct injection into tumours, or by topical application onto the tumour surface, and works principally by stimulating the patient’s innate immune system to destroy the tumour.

EBC-46 is active against a wide range of tumour types and is potentially useful in treating any tumour that can be accessed for direct injection or topical application of the drug.

EBC-46 only works locally at the site of delivery and there is no current evidence to suggest that EBC-46 has any systemic efficacy against metastatic disease in affecting remote secondary tumours."

For more on the clinical trials of EBC-64, please visit this link: http://www.ecobiotics.com.au/clinical-trials.htm

(photo credit: Brian Cassey)

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Mary Mandeville said...

Great to see research on promising treatments without ill side effects. As you know, my dog Nicholai is still doing well on "natural" treatments. However, his tumors have not receded and he is not cured. I look very much forward to serious research on non-harmful cures - as well as some serious efforts at prevention.

Thanks for your attention to what's going on around the globe and for the information.