Sunday, April 19, 2009

Today in Photos -- Holy Mop Sticks, Dogman!

We'd stopped for lunch at Gibby's pub. I had a fried pickles and cod sandwich. Interesting day on the road. [Ed. note: No surprise there -- not after the fried pickle and cod sandwich.]

The sun seems to bring out all sorts. A carload of Jehovah's Witness stopped to talk theology. Then we met a 300 pound biker w/tats who lost his shitzu to cancer. I gave him our cause bracelet.

To top off the day we took a siesta at the fairgrounds and awoke to a bunch of guys with garbage pails on their heads dueling with mop sticks.. Yep, you guessed it; an SCA day in the park. SCA - the original nerds back before the days of Dungeons and Dragons. Almost laughed when I saw them but I'd hate the headline ... "Man crossing country for canine cancer pummeled by men in tights."

(from photos on the road, Ohio, April 18, 2009)

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jeri said...

Hi Luke. Hope the journey is going well. I spoke to you when I was painting the window and selling the old mowers on Main St. in Circleville. My Pyr is the one I was telling you about that had pancreatitis. I have added a link to your site on my Facebook page as well as the link to Youtube. I have photos of my new Pyr puppy at on my Facebook page if you would like to join Facebook. It was great to chat with you and best wishes on such an admorable cause.

Take Care,
Jeri Smith